The Time is Now

Does the idea of finding a more conscious way of navigating the corporate landscape leave you befuddled and uninspired? Do you say to yourself, "sure, I can align my business model with higher ideals, but I would lose my client base and anger my investors”? What if I were to tell you that technological change … Continue reading The Time is Now

Blowin’ in the Wind

Premature Cognitive Commitment... Did I lose you already?  Stay with gets better....spoiler alert: this post is about knowing yourself, taking responsibility for all of your life, and then like a magician, molding your reality...but I need you to understand the above behavior as it helps illuminate my point...thank you in advance for your patience... … Continue reading Blowin’ in the Wind

It Doesn’t Matter doesn't matter.   That expression means more than you think it does.  When you love yourself wholly and completely, it does not matter what the outside reflection is showing you.  It does not matter if other people approve of your choices, decisions and way of life.   When you find the strength within to … Continue reading It Doesn’t Matter

Honoring the Storm and choosing the Rainbow

Yesterday afternoon, I was in Target with my girls picking up drinks for my daughter's softball game.  I was feeling a bit (that's an understatement) overwhelmed by the idea of filling a summer break with fun for my children.  I was mulling over the the piles of laundry in my basement to be washed, dishes … Continue reading Honoring the Storm and choosing the Rainbow