Investing in the Personal Growth of Employees to Reap Even Greater Rewards:

Enhancing Intuition, Innovation and Mastery

Supplementing growth and development coaching to your business is an efficient and effective method of addressing a vital priority of the global workforce, enhancing the talent brand, and achieving the goal of attracting and retaining talent. However, investing in the personal development of your employees provides a treasure even beyond meeting the needs of the current workforce.

Committing to the personal growth of your employees reveals the hidden gem and source of exponential innovation, growth, and profitability waiting to be uncovered in all businesses; Emotional Mastery. Investing in emotional mastery is becoming a corporate imperative because of the return it provides to all stakeholders, the overall company and the world-at-large.

Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching is a process of providing tools and concepts that allow a person to attain mastery of their emotions. The power of emotional mastery is exponential as it clears the human mind of clutter and repetitive thoughts and paves the way for a dramatic increase in intelligence, enhanced cognitive abilities for optimal decision-making, genius innovation, and access to the Unified Field of consciousness.

Thoughts are Things: Learning the Impact of the Intangible

The foundation of personal development coaching in a business setting is providing employees with the understanding that all emotions, thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs are the unseen, intangible influences that create your daily experience. In fact, many people are actually unaware of or unconscious to the impact of these intangible influences, so therefore only accessing a small fraction of their power to mold their reality. And this is why, recent discoveries, such as Nassim Haramein’s and others’, which have granted us with scientific proof of the Unified Field, are so pivotal in supporting humanity in our next octave of emotional development. Essentially, these discoveries lend credence to the energetic field and holographic feedback loop which blankets our existence, connects us all, and is constantly creating our experience based upon our unique interpretation of reality.

The Power of Choice

Once the impact of the intangible influences is established, the next step is providing the power of choice. Employees learn that all thought, emotion, belief and perspective is a choice. And as such, emotional mastery becomes a practice self-awareness, self-responsibility, quieting the mind of repetitive thoughts, and choice.

Once these ancillary concepts are established and understood, employees are given the incentive to embrace the freedom and empowerment offered by learning, practicing and making conscious choice, and ultimately taking back the steering wheel to their life. This also motivates them to embark upon an ongoing process involving honest self-awareness and self-responsibility to gain emotional sovereignty.

Self-Awareness:​An ongoing process of observing your thoughts, emotions, perspectives, beliefs and actions, leading to proactive choice, and ultimately becoming a sovereign and empowered human being.

Self-Responsibility​: An ongoing process, through self-awareness, of taking ownership for all aspects of your life, through the energetic understanding that you are the artisan of your experience, and the desire for empowerment and freedom.

Essentially, emotional mastery is an ongoing practice of being aware of and choosing the feedback you are providing to the Unified Field. So, identifying the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives that are creating challenges in your life, and choosing new ones that better serve you. And, committing to a daily practice of being aware of your thoughts and emotions, so that you can actively choose what you want to experience.

Transforming the Current Challenges in the Corporate Landscape by Offering Tools of Emotional Sovereignty

At this point, these concepts can be built upon and enhanced through ongoing coaching and practice. Anyone who is unfamiliar with personal development and the results that it yields, may be jaded by the apparent simplicity of it. But, I can tell you from first-hand experience, with my own process as well as coaching others, this path of self-mastery is extremely powerful. And, adding this to your brand, reveals untapped potential, unlimited growth and new sources of profitability. Giving the tools of sovereignty to your employees is truly a remarkable investment, which yields the extraordinary value in talent resources, and will play a pivotal role in transforming current challenges in the corporate landscape into profound opportunity.

What is the importance of creating a culture within an organization and how can a CEO create one?

Culture at its essence is a set of beliefs. Beliefs are guiding principles for perspective, choices, and actions. And beliefs literally form the basis of your reality and creation. Culture is in many ways the steering wheel for any entity — whether it be a large enterprise, smaller organization, family or individual — which subscribes to it.

So, it is essential for a CEO to form, foster and grow a culture to reflect that which he or she wants to create through his or her company. How does a CEO do this? By becoming clear on his or her own beliefs, values and intentions, attracting employees who also feel passionately about this culture and making this the non negotiable foundation for all of the company’s choices and actions. It’s not to say that culture doesn’t evolve. Change is the only constant. This is a universal law. But throughout the ongoing and broadening expansion of culture, it is vital to remain true to these beliefs in all that you intend, do and say. It becomes the lens with which you see the world, fosters deep bonds with employees and clients, and exponentially enhances brand and stakeholder loyalty.

Can you talk about the global shift occurring within all business industries and the drivers of them?

We are entering into an unprecedented time in human history, whereby we are undergoing a shift in consciousness that will change everything, particularly the culture and methodologies of our corporate structures. All systems and industries will evolve and elevate to new levels, such that coherence, integrity, transparency and responsibility, along with working knowledge of the Unified Field, become the vital components of a successful business model.

Drivers of this shift:

Changes within the corporate arena​: An ever-increasing number of leaders, CEOs and visionaries are harnessing the power of embracing these higher values and working with the field of consciousness. As these thought-leaders demonstrate the strength and ultimate success from running their companies through a new lens, others within the industry will follow their example, and the trend will send ripples through the corporate landscape.

A growing and new perspective demonstrated by consumers, customers, clients, end-users​: We are seeing this group begin to adjust their ‘purchasing and consumption habits’ to companies that authentically align with this new model. In particular, consumers are developing a very low tolerance for companies, and their products and services, which do not operate with these higher values. This dynamic is enhanced exponentially by the ever-increasing transparency that the internet provides. Information and awareness has become ubiquitous, and consumers have become much more savvy and discerning. This trend will begin to explode in the next few years.

A new emotional maturity within humanity​: This new emotional maturity will be catalyzed by a disillusionment of global population, and in the US, in particular, of the ‘old paradigm’ business practices. Previously accepted methods of conducting business, such as greed, ‘survival of the fittest’, ‘an eye for an eye’, disregard for causing environmental harm, and lack of transparency, will be increasingly viewed as a ‘broken’ model, which no longer serves our highest interests. But more importantly, humanity will begin to want to find a balance within the capitalist system, whereby we are able to make a profit, but at the same time leave society and the world better for it. Humanity will aspire to a new level of conscious capitalism.

An an ongoing, deeper understanding of the patterning of the fabric of space/time (otherwise known as the Unified Field or Collective Consciousness)​: ​Nassim Haramein’s​ discovery of the self-organizing, communicative movement of the subatomic particles at the base level of all space and matter has catapulted our understanding of the inherent holographic, entangled nature of our reality. This knowledge and new understanding will be utilized across industries to reinvent the business model using the field of consciousness, energy and vibration.