Personal Development Coaching

Personal development coaching is a process of providing tools and concepts that allow a person to attain mastery of their emotions. The power of emotional mastery is exponential as it clears the human mind of clutter and repetitive thoughts and paves the way for a dramatic increase in intelligence, enhanced cognitive abilities for optimal decision-making, genius innovation, and access to the Unified Field of consciousness.

Thoughts are Things: Learning the Impact of the Intangible

The foundation of personal development coaching in a business setting is providing employees with the understanding that all emotions, thoughts, perspectives, and beliefs are the unseen, intangible influences that create your daily experience. In fact, many people are actually unaware of or unconscious to the impact of these intangible influences, so therefore only accessing a small fraction of their power to mold their reality. And this is why, recent discoveries, such as Nassim Haramein’s and others’, which have granted us with scientific proof of the Unified Field, are so pivotal in supporting humanity in our next octave of emotional development. Essentially, these discoveries lend credence to the energetic field and holographic feedback loop which blankets our existence, connects us all, and is constantly creating our experience based upon our unique interpretation of reality.

The Power of Choice

Once the impact of the intangible influences is established, the next step is providing the power of choice. Employees learn that all thought, emotion, belief and perspective is a choice. And as such, emotional mastery becomes a practice self-awareness, self-responsibility, quieting the mind of repetitive thoughts, and choice.

Once these ancillary concepts are established and understood, employees are given the incentive to embrace the freedom and empowerment offered by learning, practicing and making conscious choice, and ultimately taking back the steering wheel to their life. This also motivates them to embark upon an ongoing process involving honest self-awareness and self-responsibility to gain emotional sovereignty.


An ongoing process of observing your thoughts, emotions, perspectives, beliefs and actions, leading to proactive choice, and ultimately becoming a sovereign and empowered human being.


An ongoing process, through self-awareness, of taking ownership for all aspects of your life, through the energetic understanding that you are the artisan of your experience, and the desire for empowerment and freedom.

Emotional Mastery

Essentially, emotional mastery is an ongoing practice of being aware of and choosing the feedback you are providing to the Unified Field. So, identifying the emotions, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives that are creating challenges in your life, and choosing new ones that better serve you. And, committing to a daily practice of being aware of your thoughts and emotions, so that you can actively choose what you want to experience.