In simple terms, your life is what you focus on. 

However, the term “energy seeks awareness” allows me to see a very clear vision of what that looks like, which helps me to further integrate this truth. 

I envision myself, or my awareness, as a white sphere with streaks of vibrant color surrounding me, which is my current overall vibration.   Wherever I choose to point my focus energizes that aspect and perspective in my life.  And, the future I experience (the energy that has not yet been infused with awareness) follows and transforms wherever it is I continue to point my focus. 

What I have begun to do recently is “play” with my awareness.  I make it into a game so that I can have fun with it, bring a natural joy into my life, and further my knowledge about how awareness, energy, and reality interacts.  So, the game could be called “Energy Follows Awareness – Creating Joy“, and the number of players is one to infinity.  With one player, you are experimenting and practicing with where you choose to point your awareness, both within and without, and what reality that ultimately creates.  The skill required is the knowing that you can choose your awareness, which is also known as your thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.  The object of the game is to bring as much joy, love and ease into your life as possible.  

The overall strategy is to actively focus on what is whole and joy-filled in your life, to bump up against challenges and choose to see them through the eyes of excitement and the opportunity for growth, and to interact with others knowing that your state of being is your responsibility (so bring love to the table, and no matter what their reaction is, stay in love and joy).

This game, I believe, assists in building self-love, self-awareness and self-responsibility. But those are juicy “the icing on the cake”.  This game supports you in relaxing your intense focus on that which is not working in your life or your career, brings in the transformational energy of love, and offers solutions for any or all of your current “problems”.  

You might say, “Well that’s great, but I have a very serious issue which is time sensitive and certainly not resolvable through the energy of love!”

And I would say to that, “Then you haven’t truly seen the energy of love in action.”

My youngest daughter, Elizabeth, who is eight years old, loves me to play games with her. She LOVES to play. She is still at that magical age when play is very natural and easy.  The other day, I watched her move very carefully from the couch to the chair to the coffee table in our family room.  

I was just about to mention that balancing on the arm of the chair wasn’t really the purpose or best use of furniture, when I paused, and asked, “Honey, what are you doing?”.  

She looked at me with a huge smile, as she was absorbed in the joy of play and said, “Oh, I am avoiding the quicksand below me!”, as if this was the most obvious answer to why anyone would be balancing on furniture. 


And instead of “raining on her parade”, I decided to let go of my need to control my environment and said, “Sounds like fun!  Can I play?”.

In this instance, and because I play with awareness and love, I chose to see the joy in the situation rather than correcting Elizabeth for climbing on the furniture. Not only does that support me in my journey by shifting my awareness to joy and thereby creating more of it, this also encourages my daughter to continue to explore her imagination and passion for play.  If we all could maintain our beautiful imagination and ability to create worlds through play into adulthood, this would be a very different world.

When you play, if you truly surrender to the moment, by relinquishing control and worry, you allow joy to permeate your awareness.  This is so important. It cannot be underestimated. Especially when you know that energy seeks awareness.  

Allow yourself to play + surrender to the joy = your awareness is pointed at joy and you get more joy in your reality. 

It’s so simple, you might think that it cannot be possible…but it is. 

Another way to envision this process of “energy seeks awareness” is through the game, which you can play on your phone or tablet, called “Inside Out Thought Bubbles”.  On a certain level of this game, the bubbles become white spheres with swirling colors and whatever color bubble you shoot, is the color that the white spheres become. I find this game to be a great analogy and visual representation for the idea that if we make a daily practice and intention of aiming our awareness towards all vibrations of love, we are infusing not only our own reality but everyone with whom we come in contact with the highest frequencies possible.

So, whaddya think?

Are you willing to give this game a try?  I play it every day.  Not only is it fascinating to study and gain knowledge of your own awareness and how it affects the world you experience, but it also creates a path of ease for you to follow, whereby all of your dreams really do come true.  Whatever it is that you are working on changing or creating in your life becomes almost effortless, because you don’t have to know all of the details or labor over how to make it happen, as the vibration of love facilitates all that you desire.  Really.  I am not just making this assertion because it sounds good, that’s actually how the energy of love works.  It’s transformational. 

This game truly of “Energy Seeks Awareness -Creating Joy” is eye-opening and reminds you of where your true power resides- within.  You can play it at work and during all aspects of your personal life.  It’s enlightening, empowering and it is a game that will change the world.

Remember, your joy and love creates a ripple effect which emanates to the whole planet.  So imagine love.  It’s the force that will transform all that you touch and all that you dream.

Play with Love.  Play with Awareness.  Love.  It’s the answer.

One thought on “Energy Seeks Awareness

  1. Wow, just the passage I needed to read after the interaction I had with my son’s teacher. On point. Thank you for always anticipating exactly what I need to focus on and practice

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