The Gift of a Broader Perspective

I continue to be amazed by the power that perspective has in either paving the way to our highest joy or holding us captive, (and sometimes paralyzed, frustrated and riddled with defeat). I was reminded of the profound influence of perspective, when I stumbled upon this well-known quote by Thomas Edison, when asked how he felt about failing so many times before actually inventing the lightbulb:

“I have not failed 700 times.  I have succeeded in proving 700 ways how not to build a lightbulb.” 

All perspective.  It is such a simple switch, and yet it isn’t, if you do not believe that you have the power to choose your point of view.  I have found a way of looking at all of my experience as just that, encounters in life which serve in my growth, nothing more and nothing less.  I have found that choosing the higher perspective allows me to view all encounters through the lense of neutrality.   This neutrality releases all ideas of mistakes, failures or unfortunate circumstances, and paves the way for the truth; all experience is leading us home to more of ourselves.

When I was first presented with the idea that you can choose your interpretation of any and all situations, I was really challenged to do so, because in certain scenarios, I really could not SEE another point of view.  But, what I came to know is that whatever we are facing, in each and every moment and on a broader level, is exactly what we need.  And, the key to opening up to all perspective available, is viewing our situation from a higher level.  I was being asked then and always, to look beyond the physical to the eternal nature of our existence and the inherent desire we all have to evolve.  

What greatly assisted me in learning and integrating this broader frame of reference was when I had absolutely no other option but to choose to see my experience differently.  Meaning, I was placed between a rock and a hard place, and I was not going to be able to move through the circumstance without a shift in perspective.

For example, we had a fire in our garage about four years ago.  For various reasons, we were not financially in a position to completely rebuild the garage.  So, we installed new windows and lived with it as it was.  But then winter set in, and the kitchen (which is next to the garage) was pretty darn chilly.  And with no insulation and drywall, the pipes adjacent to the exposed walls in the garage burst and flooded the basement.  The second winter came around and I bought a large space heater for the kitchen so that I wouldn’t have to wear my winter coat while cooking, which solved that issue.  But then more pipes burst, so we shut off the plumbing in that part of the house, and I went to Home Depot, bought insulation and installed what I could manage myself to prevent any further damage.

So, let’s just say that I was REALLY wanting to fix the garage.  And at some point, I asked my friend, teacher and mentor, Steffany Barton, how I could shift or change within to facilitate moving closer to that outcome.  I had finally recognized that all which I was currently experiencing was exactly what I needed to for my own learning and growth, but I was beginning to feel ready to move past and through it.  

Steff’s response was, “The reason why your house is not yet repaired and seems to be continuing to fall apart is because you are seeing your home as broken.  Look beyond the brokenness and see the wholeness hidden within the experience. Allow yourself to imagine the potential of what can be done to rebuild and restore your home, but always from the perspective that nothing is lacking.”

So, this took a bit of introspection to work through, but at some point it hit me.  Nothing was lacking.  Everything I had in each moment was enough, even if I had to live in those circumstances eternally.  I had everything that I needed to be and feel complete.  I began to view all aspects of my life as whole in each and every moment.  I began to completely forget that we needed to rebuild the garage.  And, we lived with everything as it was for a few years.  Eventually, gradually, we began to restore our home to its previous condition.  But not because I needed it to be so to feel whole inside. 

This choice in perspective not only provides you with a daily sense of peace and joy, but also creates an energetic support in your journey whereby you cannot fail – literally – if you choose the perspective that all challenges are opportunities, “everything is always working out for me”, and “nothing is broken because I feel whole inside”, you cannot fail.  You are the creator of your reality.  When you choose the perspective of wholeness, your reality complies with this.  This is not an aphorism to encourage people to be happy and optimistic, despite the circumstances which they are enduring.  This can be scientifically proven by the nature of the underlying physics of reality.  What you say and believe to be true about your life is how it is.  Just choose the perspective and live it.

Humanity Choosing to Innovate through the Broader Perspective of Love

Tangentially, I found a quote attributed to Henry Ford, when asked about incremental customer-driven innovation:

“If I asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses.”

This quote reminds me that it’s easy to become comfortable and even complacent with the status quo.   With what we have known to be true.   But, I believe, this quote dramatically underestimates the fundamental yearning that humanity holds to continue to push boundaries and to explore the unknown.

If you look back over the history of the world, humanity never failed to move forward, to progress and expand its understanding of itself and its place in the world.  I would argue that although we may at first resist change, the heart, or the essence of who we are,  thrives on the energy of our own advancement….I would never bet against the endurance and intent of the human spirit….we are born to create and innovate…that is who we are.

In that vein, I believe we are on the precipice of great change, whereby we as a collective will embrace a new, broader perspective composed of our true power and the next frontier of growth.  It is now time for humanity to explore reality creation through a higher vantage point using our thoughts and beliefs, and coupled with our hearts, which connects us to our essence and the vibration of love.

We have taken our current mastery of who we are to the edge of its capabilities.  We have predominantly ignored the strength of the subtle energies in favor of overt and physical action.  We have lived largely unaware of our true essence, which is Love, in order to explore greed, anger, control, manipulation, hate, judgement and war.  And, we have found these energies to be lacking and unsupportive of our current and future trajectory.

Much like just before the first automobile was invented and most people couldn’t conceive of riding anything but a horse, humanity is at a crossroads, whereby our next destiny requires a broader perspective and a leap in consciousness.  It is not yet accepted on a mainstream level that we have access to infinite possibilities through our freedom to choose our thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.  This inflection point will be a turning point in our history, when we let go of all of the lower vibration and darker energies; when we put them back on the shelf as an experience but one we no longer prefer and choose the power of the human mind, spirit, and soul…when we choose the power of Love, because that is who we are.  

So before you dismiss the perspective of love, as a “nice sentiment”, but not impactful enough to bother implementing, I implore you to consider further.

From my experience, living your life without the gift of a broader perspective, composed of the vibration of Love, is akin to using a crowbar and a sledgehammer to open your front door, when you can just use your key.  

Why deprive yourself of the ease, peace, and grace that this point of view provides you?  Please, don’t take my word for it, test this concept for yourself.  This is how I learned. Experience is the greatest teacher.

I have found, time and time again, when I choose a higher and broader perspective, rooted in the frequency of love, barriers melt, challenges fall away, people unite and Light reigns supreme.

As we stand on the edge of monumental change, I propose that we consider releasing all energies that no longer serve us, to make room for our next metamorphosis, where energies such as kindness, understanding, compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and love…glorious love…will usher in a new golden age on the planet. 

Choose.  Love.

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