I am discovering that one of the biggest hurdles to change is the disconnect with the power of our imagination.  Humanity has forgotten that imagination is the jewel of manifestation and the inflection point for creating worlds.  We must relearn how to play, how to alter our world through the mechanism of our thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.  This is our point of power.

Without this connection, we are mired in a quicksand, composed of a firm grip on observing our reality as it is, analyzing and rehashing the roadblocks and challenges and discussing what’s not working with friends and family.  In essence, without our imagination, we are stuck.

In childhood, we effortlessly engage in imaginative play and create worlds of splendor with a box, for example, which becomes our race car in the Indy 500, or the stick, that transforms into our magic wand as we visit lands of fantasy and create all that we desire.

However, as we grow from child to adult, we are inundated with the idea that we MUST live in reality…find a lucrative job, pay bills, be responsible and give up our dreams for what is deemed “our reality”.  And very quickly, the part of our brain that revealed to us the seemingly impossible begins to atrophy from lack of use and practice.  

The irony in casting aside our imagination to “live in reality” is that we are abandoning the exact mechanism which bridges our current life to all that we desire.  The truth is that reality is created by our thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.  This is THE point of origin and power for creating and molding our reality; the ability to dream up worlds and dedicate our life to that end.  And yet, our focus in approaching change tends to be rooted in our outer world, through hard work and sometimes manipulation and coercion of people and aspects of our job or life, which appear to be preventing us from attaining our desired results. I realize that this is the way that we were taught to live, work and create our world, but now we know more.  We have a more mature understanding of the way reality is created and therefore I am proposing that we add to, supplement or shift our long-held belief that “hard work” and “control” are the only ways to accomplish our dreams.  If we are only focusing on what is, working grueling hours, and controlling our environment, some change can occur, but at a high cost (stress, and compromised health and values).  And ultimately, this is an unsustainable model and does not actually bear the fruit of our labor.  Meaning, even if you have some accomplishment to show for this hard work, it is not equitable with the energy you put into it, and pales in comparison to what can be accomplished by adding the power of our imagination, thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.

I am not suggesting that we should be living in denial – absolutely not – but this is what the ego or logical mind immediately defaults to…”Well, I can’t ignore reality!”  This is the fear that crops up in us because we are so dedicated to the happenings in the outer world.  To the logical mind, this idea of utilizing the intangible to accomplish change sounds dangerous, improbable and ineffective.  Yes, there are necessary aspects and responsibilities that go hand in hand with being an adult. Yet, there is no danger in releasing our hold on reality, because we are so often too heavily invested in observing what is, that we cannot even consider choosing a different, more imaginative and inspired perspective.  Believe me, you will not forget your responsibilities. And, I know this from first-hand experience.  My practice of using my imagination and choosing an expanded perspective in each moment is EXACTLY how I have implemented change, many times with extraordinary ease, in all aspects of my life.  

I have tried both strategies.  I have approached life from a tunnel vision of  “this is my reality and I must work hard and control to change it”, and I was left exhausted, frustrated and with very little accomplished.  And, when I was ready to get off of the hamster wheel, I altered my approach, by gradually relinquishing my control, lessening my dedication to “working hard”, and adding the gifts of imagination and actively choosing my thoughts, beliefs and perspectives.  I will tell you that it’s the second strategy that is the most effective and allowed me to transform aspects of my life that I believed were set in stone.  So, what I am offering up for consideration is that there is great benefit from loosening your hold on reality – relaxing your awareness of what it is, so that your imagination can support and evolve any and all areas of your life which you desire to change.

The understanding that everything in the universe is energy, including us, and our thoughts and beliefs create the reality we experience, based on that premise, is a relatively new concept. And for people, like my father, for example, the consummate and logic-based business man, who has lived his whole adult life with a firm focus on hard work and determination, this new way of thinking is a real paradigm shift which takes practice and patience to master.  But I promise you, from my experience, it is THE way.

Yesterday, I was taking my dog, Bunker, for a walk in the woods and considering how I could support people who are interested in changing aspects of their life and willing to try a new way, like my dad.  (Aside:  Daddy, I love you, and thank you for letting me use you as an example of someone who is brave enough to consider and implement change after so many years of doing it another way).  This came up for me when my father was feeling frustrated in implementing these new concepts because when you begin to observe your thoughts, and choose new ones that support a different reality, the change doesn’t happen instantaneously -well, it does happen immediately, but not in a way that you can see with your physical eyes.  All reality and all change happens on an energetic level first.  So, as I was pondering how to support my father in bridging his focus on reality with a more imaginative approach, and utilizing an expanded perspective, I thought of my own work in reconnecting with my imagination.  I have spent time remembering what it was like when I was a child and I was able to create worlds through play.  I submerged myself in the joy of creating something from nothing and time would stand still as I did so.  This remembering that I did really assisted my reconnection with my imagination and softened my intense focus on what I was experiencing in the moment to allow for new perspectives and beliefs.  I called my father and suggested that he spend time remembering the joy he experienced when he was a child and engaged his imagination and played.  At first, he didn’t entirely understand how this could help him achieve his current goals, but we spoke for a bit about the power of the human mind.  We discussed a recent story on “60 Minutes” about a woman who was born without legs, has become an accomplished gymnast, does not see herself as disabled in any way, and has accomplished the inconceivable.  And, we agreed that this is a beautiful testimony to the power behind our imagination, beliefs, thoughts and perspectives.  My sweet father, who is extremely intelligent, just not yet well-versed in energetics and the power of the human mind, is now going to practice reconnecting with his imagination, and we will continue to work on adding the power of his thoughts, beliefs and seeing beyond the physical to achieve his current goals and enhance his life.

It’s important to remember that, when you begin to implement this strategy by supplementing hard work with the power of your mind, it’s difficult to discern whether or not it’s having an effect.  But, if you look closely, you will see subtle alterations, which are building momentum and forming new templates that will very quickly take shape in your physical reality.  Energy works differently than we are accustomed to in the purely physical world, where we are able to observe immediate cause and effect.  Thoughts, beliefs, perspectives and imagination, which is energetic information, form in the generally unseen world, where all reality is created.  The rule of thumb with energetic changes is “the slower you go, the quicker you will get there”.  So, the initial application of energetic changes is not a quick fix. It requires patience.  Even if you feel as if you have a deadline to meet, you must stay firmly rooted in patience and the belief that you are the creator of your reality and as such, although you may not see the change, it is happening and will begin to manifest in your reality in perfect timing.  

When you have really integrated the belief that you are the creator of you life, and your primary point of power is the vibration that you hold, consisting of your thoughts, beliefs and perspectives, you will inherently know that time is malleable.  You will understand that deadlines can be altered just by your decision to utilize the power of your inner world, your mind and overall vibration.  Energetic changes have the ability to shift all that we experience to our highest outcome. Instead of the constant meeting of deadlines and endless “to-do’s”, reality begins to support your journey and synchronicity forges a path where you have everything that you need exactly when it is required and not a moment before.  And this requires an unshakeable faith.

I am very passionate about the innate power and freedom that humanity holds through our ability to create all that we desire with our thoughts, beliefs, perspectives and a renewed relationship with our imagination.  The world is poised for change and is beckoning us to have the courage to embrace our dreams and live them fearlessly.  I encourage you to reacquaint yourself with these energetic aspects of yourself.  Observe your thoughts.  Gently relax your focus on what is to allow for what can be.  Choose new beliefs and perspectives that support any and all creations.  Dive in head first to the world of imaginative play, as it is the doorway which opens your mind to anything is possible.  It is my belief that these are the tools that will gradually alter our world for the better and beyond all of our hopes and dreams.  Imagine that.  Imagine Love.

One thought on “Imagination – the Doorway to Change

  1. You are amazing Jennifer. You have created a new reality through imagination for yourself and
    now are sharing your gift so others can expand
    their options through their own creations. That is very powerful. I as your mother could not be more proud of your knowing and living it. I love you with my whole heart and soul. MOM

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