How do you shift an area of your life from what it is to what you want it to be?

You start telling a new story. 

I know that this contradicts everything we have been told regarding how to best approach problems or challenges in life.  But from my perspective and experience, it’s THE path to change. 

How many times have you been told that “you must face reality”?  How often do you project and decide what your future will be, given the current circumstances and before anything has actually become a reality?  

You can argue that you know how it will play out – whatever “it” is – based upon what you are experiencing in the present, but the future is only set in stone if you choose it to be so. If you continue to tell the same story.  We all have a choice, though, to change the story that we tell ourselves and others, which is the point of power to change what is. 

Each moment of your life presents you with the opportunity to make this change. To look beyond the current reality and see more of the same or infinite potential. 

If you know and embrace your ability to choose your thoughts, beliefs and actions to create a new story then you open the door which leads you to all of the paths available to you in each moment.  I am not suggesting that you live in denial. Not at all. Acknowledge what you are experiencing but from the perspective that all things are possible in each now.  Forget about your old story and tell a new one now.  

So, an affirmation you could use for this could be something like, “I recognize that I am currently experiencing (input challenge), and I will take steps to move through this, but I also know that my future is unwritten and I choose (input supportive idea for new story, such as freedom, abundance, ease, harmony, peace).  It is time to tell a new story”.

If you haven’t ever approached change in this way, this may sound like fluff, rainbows and unicorns, and not a legitimate avenue to take.  However, I have transformed literally every area of my life on this foundation.  Understand that science has proven that everything in the universe is composed of energetic particles vibrating at various speeds depending on its density.  Science has proven that our thoughts can literally change the molecular structure of water. So, as energetic beings our thoughts and beliefs can alter physical reality and are the basis for what we experience.  

There are millions of stories out there, whereby someone has moved through and overcome what would seem like insurmountable odds.  How have they done this?  Whether consciously or unconsciously, these people have used the power of their thoughts, beliefs and inspired action to create what they desired. They acknowledged their current challenge as an opportunity to learn more about themselves, but not limit them from going after their dreams.  They have had the courage to look beyond the physical and choose “everything is possible”.  Because it is.  

I know that this concept will one day in the not-so-distant future be universally accepted and taught as THE foundation for change.  And I also know that it takes courage to move into the unknown. But what do you have to lose?  Worry, dread and telling the same story does not actually bring you anything but more of the same. Why not be a trailblazer?  Embrace the power of “telling a new story” now and use it to transform your life.  

The only limitations we have are the ones that we choose.  Believe it. Know it. Love it. 

Choose Love.

It’s all that is.  

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