The ability that we all have to create our reality is truly the most liberating and profound understanding that I have explored.

We are inherently creators.  With the facilitators of self-awareness, intent, and steadfast belief in our vision, we can begin to mold our life, just as an artist works with clay.  When we dig down deep inside ourselves and have the courage to be authentic, vulnerable to each moment, and impervious to the voice of the critic, both internally and externally, it appears as though reality is magically forming into our highest joy. All things are possible and as we move forward become probable until we literally find ourselves reveling in our previous visions becoming our reality. 

There are two important caveats though. 

The first being that in order to manifest all that we desire, we must find that feeling.  That feeling consists of a state of being that you maintain when you imagine your highest outcome as if it has already become a reality.    I have found it useful to sit with the vision when I begin any journey of manifestation.  I imagine all five senses actively engaged in what it would be like if I had actually created my highest outcome already. I create a full body experience.  Basking in the glow of this highest outcome already being a part of my existence. And then, I move forward with the peace of what is, because you cannot create anything from a place of lack or wanting. If you view your current situation as broken, you do not have the internal vibration necessary to bring the changes into your life.  So, it’s a combination of creating a vision and living as if this has already come to fruition, no matter what you experience or see currently.  

It helps to remember what it was like as a child, when you spent so much time in imaginative play. It was so easy to pretend. Almost effortless. And yet, it’s that exact mechanism of pretend that is the key to reality creation. 

The second caveat is “responsibility”, which is truly the ability to respond.  It seems that at some point along the way “responsibility” has acquired a bit of a negative connotation. Possibly because it has been used as more of a tool for projection and denial rather than empowerment.  Responsibility has become the “hot potato” being tossed around and hoping that the music doesn’t stop when we are holding it.  

Actually, however, taking responsibility for your ENTIRE life without casting blame on others, whether it be a spouse, friend, colleague, boss, government, group or religion, is not only the most empowering path to take, but also the only road that allows us to create our reality and highest outcome.  

It doesn’t actually matter if you don’t feel it’s your “job”, traditionally this has not been your role, that wasn’t the original understanding or agreement, or you don’t believe that you can handle such a task. If it is an aspect of your life or career and you are not at peace with the way it is currently, just own it. Take full responsibility for all of your reality, because this is the fastest, easiest, most empowered route, and really the only way to create a life of your highest dreams.  And don’t ever think that you cannot manage some aspect of your life – you can – and when you do, you will be ecstatic when you discover how powerful you are. 

So, simply put, if you don’t take responsibility for it, you lose the ability to respond.  You cannot manipulate, coerce, or force someone else to create your reality for you. And even if that works in the near-term, it’s not a sustainable model. Eventually, you are disappointed. Why? Because we are meant to use our own powers of creation, without intermediaries or go-betweens.  As a creator, all the power is within you. 

I want to be clear though. I am not suggesting delegation to others for support isn’t often crucial.  Absolutely use discernment to delegate responsibility as needed and necessary, however, ownership of the process and final outcome lies with you.  

I have personally experienced the power inherent in claiming all aspects of my life.  I now know that life doesn’t happen to you, but rather for you.  All that I experience, of both adversity and triumph, are stepping stones, learning experiences and tools to move me closer to my highest outcome, which ultimately always includes the highest destiny for all. 

So I encourage you to claim your “ability to respond” so that you can mold your reality and enjoy the empowerment and freedom of knowing that you can, not only handle, but also thrive, no matter what circumstance the journey of life brings you.  Claim your ability to respond.  

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