Have you ever noticed that many of our fairy tales present us with a heroine who has fallen into a deep sleep.  The princess is usually plagued by a curse which holds her in a suspended state for one hundred years or until the blessing of true love’s kiss releases her from her slumber.    “Sleeping Beauty” is a perfect example of this commonly crafted story line.  In fact, the entire kingdom falls asleep in this tale.  And then, miraculously, a prince delivers true love to the kingdom through one single kiss, and the curse is lifted.

I find the deeper messages within fairy tales fascinating.  It seems to me that the secrets to all of our dreams are “hidden in plain sight”.  It is also clear to me that most parables were meant to deliver meaning and messages to humanity.  I believe that the archetypal stories within these tales actually are meant to guide us on the journey of life.  If you read them from this perspective, the messages are so obvious.

So, as I see it, “Sleeping Beauty” is reminding us that we came here to experience what it’s like to believe that we are separate from each other and God, Creator, Source….that we are asleep to our soul, so to speak.  This tale is a “wake up call”…..and it is saying “Guys, don’t forget!  You came here to derive profound growth.  Wake up from the illusion and experience the wonder of your soul and your true reason for being here.  All that you have to do is choose yourself…choose love.”

It’s as though before we incarnated here, the lead coordinators of (hmm, let’s call it) The Earth Incarnation Initiative held a meeting and came up with ideas for clues to keep us on the path of soul growth.

And it went something like this….

Someone proposes, “You know what, this Earth Game is quite challenging…..”

Nodding all around in agreement….murmurs of “Yep” and  “Sure is!”

The proposer continues, “And listen, that’s why we love it, right!  So much intense soul growth….”

Once again, the other meeting attendees nod with enthusiasm and ponder with delight the PH.D. they will be receiving upon completion of their journey.

The proposer goes on, “So, let’s plan on creating stories that appear to be only for children in their themes…that we read to our children….that transcend and last throughout the ages….but also help remind us, people of all ages, what we are really doing there.  You know, to help guide us when we are lost…that bring us back to our heart and soul.  Stories that remind us that we need to wake up from the illusion that happiness comes from the outside.  We need to make sure that we remember that it’s an inside job.  How about we call them Tales?”

Another meeting participant chimes in, “You would think that it would be obvious, but it isn’t….that veil of forgetfulness is thick!  The last incarnation for me was a doozie….I spent more time at Bloomingdale’s and the nail salon then I did meditating…..”

Many of the meeting participants empathize with the last comment.  They recall that the outside world, although a temporary fix, can be quite seducing and distracting…but all of the attendees know that attempting to find inner peace outside of themselves is not only a distraction from the whole purpose of incarnation, but its also like attempting to fill a bucket with a hole in the bottom….it ain’t gonna work….

“How about we call them ‘Fairy Tales’?”, offers a normally quiet, but extremely insightful soul.

All the souls at the meeting agree, “That’s it!”, “I love it!”, “Yep, very creative!”

And the original proposer of the idea wraps up the meeting, “Okay, this was a very productive session.  What do you say we stick a pin in it here….please run it up the flagpole with all of your teams…not much time until we are set to jump through the veil of forgetfulness and into a body….so ping me as soon as you have agreement from your folks…namaste everyone….”

So that’s the way I see it….and I giggle when I envision the scene.

Wake up to your soul.  Forget about the outside shenanigans.  They will always be there for enjoyment here and there.  But, don’t look outside of yourself for the peace and joy that you so rightly deserve.  I have tried that in vein and it’s not where you find what you are looking for.  Go within…you will find a magnificent castle built just for you….with many glorious rooms waiting to be discovered, and where all of your dreams really do come true.

Choose Yourself.  Choose your Soul.  Choose Love.

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