Yesterday started off with me checking in with my higher self, my inner dialogue.  Although I do take the time when I am able to sit quietly in contemplation, moments of discussion with my soul usually occur at any point when I still my mind during my daily routine.  So, doing the dishes, cleaning, laundry, gardening, walking my dog…it really doesn’t matter, I just must be able to quiet the “monkey mind” and relax into the “feeling” of Love.  

In fact, that was one of the first concepts that I learned in the beginning of my awakening process.  In a reading with Steffany Barton, Archangel Michael asked me to consider what the vibration of Love feels like.  I remember that he made reference to “Adele’s music” as an example for the feel of Love.  I spent months settling into that vibration.  Feeling through and into it.  How does it feel in my body?  How does it resonate in my heart?

I think that there may be some confusion about Love, as just an airy fairy, clowns and balloons emotion.  But, that’s the opposite of my experience with the Love frequency.

To me, Love feels spacious.  As if you are in one location and everywhere simultaneously.  It’s a whole body experience.  And yet, beyond the normal range of human emotions.  

When I am firmly rooted in Love, I do not have any emotion – the closest description would be pure bliss.  

Love is subtle, strength and power, and yet it does not NEED to be anything because it’s Love.

So, as I checked in yesterday morning, and before the words formed in my mind with questions to my higher self about how to avoid the build up of feelings of lack that culminate in the blowup that occurred the other day…or better yet how could I buoy my days with Joy…I heard the following words…

“As you go about your day, choose each moment of Joy that you receive…Imagine, in each now, that you are gathering a bouquet of Joy, of Love for your heart.  If you gathered a bouquet of flowers from your garden would you focus on the weeds?

No…you would only consider the flowers….soaking in their beauty…

Use this same approach as you go about your days…focus ONLY on choosing, picking and receiving Joy in each and every moment…hold space for the freedom of choice you have in viewing only Joy…this is the freedom that all of humanity has …Every single moment is a new opportunity to choose Joy instead of Fear. Flowers instead of weeds.  

And before you know it, this practice of choosing Love, Joy, Bliss becomes your state of being….the weeds 0f Fear fall away because they are not fed by your focus… And yet the various states of the vibration of Love, the flowers, ARE nourished by your intention and attention.  

And in that now, you will see all confusion in your heart replaced by the bouquet of Joy that you gathered one moment at a time.”

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