My beautiful, little sister, Jessica, and brother-in-law, Scott, invited my children and I to join them and my two darling nephews at the beach for the day this past Sunday.  

Two days before, my mom reminded me of this invitation and because all that I could see was limitation of feeling tired, knowing I had commitments of birthday and graduation parties, and an all-weekend softball tournament, I couldn’t see the beach as a possibility. Plus, I had an empty bank account, bills to pay and laundry protruding from every available orifice in the house…yes, it looks as though we had an internal laundry storm…where does all this clothing come from?

Ah, but then, I let in the Light.  

Okay, stay with me now.  This blog has a few twists and turns but I will connect all of the dots at the end.

Now that school was out for the summer, my son, Will, wanted to spend some quality time with my parents, affectionately known as Nana and Pop Pop.  

My parents are young, good-looking, hip grandparents.  They have a very close relationship with all of their grandchildren.  But, Will is thirteen now.  And, pretty much nothing that comes out of my mouth is remotely cool, but yet, Nana and Pop Pop have always and will always get the “nod”.  I write that last sentence though with a grin from ear to ear because it brings me so much Joy when I ponder their relationship.  Will and my parents are thick as thieves and that is just the way it is.  Always has been.  

So, Will wanted to hang out with Nana and Pop Pop.  And, my parents were also invited and planning on going to the beach for the day on Sunday to visit Jessica, Scott and their boys.  After doing the math, in order to get Will to my parent’s house in short order, it really made the most sense to meet them at my sister’s beach house.  However, I had to wait to see the results of my daughter’s 8am softball game Sunday morning before I could commit to anything.  If her team won, there would be more games and no possibility for the beach day.  So, I left the door open for the beach but went to the game allowing the universe to lead me. 

Catherine and her team played a great game but lost by one run in the last inning.  

My ongoing focus and intention is Love, Balance, and Allowance in every now, every moment. So, that translates to me as Receiving Joy , Letting the Light (knowledge) in, Being Open to all possibility, and  Remembering that I am only subject to the limitation that I choose to acknowledge. 

So, when the softball game ended, I took that template of intention and focus and applied it to my day.  

First, I thought about all of the weekend commitments. 

I had attended and thoroughly enjoyed the graduation party.  My youngest daughter, Elizabeth, went to a birthday party the day before and had her first sleepover at her friend’s house. Both events occurred without a hitch and with much less effort than I originally imagined.  Catherine played in her softball tournament, and regardless of not winning a single game, loved every moment as she always does. Check check check check.  

Next, I addressed the state of affairs at home.  

The ongoing litany of “to do’s” in any household will always be there. There isn’t an end to that. And the earth would not stop spinning if I let that go for the day.  I knew that if I allowed that to hold me back, then I would be choosing limitation instead of Love.  The idea of maintaining the illusion of control through having a meticulous house wasn’t terribly difficult to release. So I did. Done. 

Next. Finances.  

I had bills that needed to be paid but staying at home that day wouldn’t actually pay them. I could address them upon my return.  

I had $6.99 in my account and my husband was in Europe.  I had enough gas to get to the beach but not enough to get get home. However, I decided again to choose no limitations and all possibilities.  My husband would transfer the money or I would ask my dad if he would give me $40 to fill my gas tank to go home.  Done and done.  

The kids were so excited about seeing their cousins and going to the beach.  And the idea of playing in the ocean with everyone truly was my highest Joy that day.  So I went for it.

In my experience, it’s the events, moments and days that we don’t plan which end up being our highest Joy. That said, anyone who knows me, also knows that I am not a “planner”.  It’s something that I practice, but it isn’t second nature for me.  So, I do a bit of both.  My life intersects somewhere in between spontaneity and planning.  I am always looking for the balance point between the two.  And, I still remain more loyal to the synchronicity of the moment, as that is where I find the most Joy. 

That Sunday started with the intersection of planning as much as I could and allowing the moments of the day to lead me in the direction of Love.  And, after applying my “template of Joy”, I could move forward without the need to control.  I could remove the cloud of fear of what might happen to allow Love to permeate the day.  And when the planets are aligned – or better said – when I get out of my own way and let the synchronicity in each moment to move me forward, the possibilities for Joy are endless.  

This beach day with my children, my parents, my little sister, Jessica and her family was no exception.  

To me it appeared as if the sun shined brighter than the day before.  The ocean water, sand and fresh air soothed our souls.  The time I spent with my loved ones felt magical.  The actual time we were there together wasn’t more than a handful of hours, but each moment will be etched in my soul for eternity. 

Because I let the Light in. 


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