Everything in the Universe, including all of humanity, is Energy. Everything in the Universe is Energy. EVERYTHING. IN. THE. UNIVERSE. IS. ENERGY. Did I say EVERYTHING?

Albert Einstein provided us with this truth.  He could not have been more clear about his understanding of this.  Humanity was just not ready yet.  And, we didn’t take this knowledge literally.

My little sister, Jessica, and I were lamenting the loss of my one and only car key fob to the endless grains of sand on the beach on Sunday. The key fob, you know the remote control thingy that can wirelessly unlock, lock and sometimes even remote start your car, had detached from the actual key chain and had fallen out of my bag at some point during the day. We looked for it. As you do a needle in a haystack.  But it was gone. I still had the key though, so I can manage with that.  

This is not my first rodeo.  Especially in the last few years,  I have had a plethora of lost keys, broken fobs, crushed cell phones, etcetera.  As time has gone on though, the details bother me less and less.  We all in fact, have been there and will continue to be faced with these little, niggly annoyances of the details of life.  It’s a universal, life thing. I also realize now that the details truly are insignificant. It’s the energy you give it that either allows you to sail through the inconvenience or creates unnecessary chaos.  

Plus, I have discovered that because everything is energy, little losses such as losing a key fob are ways that energy is reset for us going forward.  

I made this statement of truth to my sister about releasing all concern because I know it’s merely a reset of the my energy in some fashion.  So, the loss actually has purpose. 

My brother-in-law, Scott, however, looked at me with horror attempting to wrap his head around my nonchalance.  Scott is very kind and loves to be helpful and I could see his internal wheels turning as to how he could “fix” this for me. 

I further explained to Scott that I had the actual key to the car, so the $250-per-pop key fob is nice to have but not mandatory.  And, all three of us laughed at the idea of Jessica using the reasoning of “an energetic reset” if this was their key fob.  We all decided that it would go over like “a fart in church” with Scott.  Just not going to fly.  Not an acceptable understanding.

So, that got me thinking. Why not?

And actually, why didn’t I bring up in that moment, “why not?”.

Even, I, who literally studies the movement and flow of energy, still has one foot planted in each world.  One in pure physicality and the other in the energy underlying the physical world.  I recognize that the way I look at the world now is vastly different from just a few short years ago and the majority of the world.

We are currently in the transition from understanding our world as dense, physical matter to living with the knowledge that everything is energy and governed by those universal laws.

Although views are rapidly transforming, we are still in the position whereby “living our life as the energy we are” is not a part of the social norm.  Jessica, Scott and I all laughed, because although I know in every cell of my being that everything IS energy, that knowing is integrated into your understanding on a gradual basis.  And, as such, I respect and allow everyone to be whereever they are in their journey.  

Light or knowledge is integrated in steps.  It doesn’t all happen at once.  Layer by layer of density is infused with Light to reveal the truth about our existence. And, just like before electricity became a household norm, many people thought the perspective of having something you couldnt physically “see” come through a wire and into a bulb to light your house was a funny and nonsensical idea.  

I didn’t feel compelled to convince Scott otherwise because I don’t belief it’s necessary to push my views on others…when something is your truth no one else NEEDS to believe it other than you.  We all have our own unique experience and learn what WE PERSONALLY NEED for our journey as and when our path requires.  There are no mistakes and timing is impeccable.

And, Scott’s perspective actually really helped me see areas of my life, where I was still stuck in the purely physical.  My intention is to approach the situation with a holistic view, understanding that everything manifests first on an energetic level.  However, I, too, am in an ongoing process of integrating energetics into my life.  So, once again, it’s the contrast in the experience that allows the knowledge to come in.

That’s what this journey is about.  The saying “it’s about the journey, not the destination” has a more profound meaning to me now.  We, as souls, came to explore ourselves in physicality through experience and contrast.  And now, humanity is lightening up.  As we bring Light, Knowledge, Information into our being and into our lives, we are literally and figuratively becoming less dense.  We are learning, sometimes more quickly than we even realize, how to incorporate this new understanding of ourselves as energy beings interacting in physicality.  We are flipping the script, as many of our long-held beliefs about navigating life are the opposite of the way energy actually works.  So, we must be patient with ourselves and others.

That said, I am so excited about this shift.  I believe, that one day, humanity will look back in awe of the transformation that transpired on our journey to understand energy and its purpose in the universe. I am passionate about this new understanding because of the Love and the Freedom that it will provide all of humanity.  So, I say, game on!

Let’s Lighten up!

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