That word.  When I say it in certain moments, feelings of emotional charge, frustration, and complexity well up inside of me.  And yet it’s just a word. And in other moments, I say the word and I feel a warmth, a permeating connection of Love and Truth envelope and hug me. Our connection with abundance is literally always available.  It cannot NOT be. 

It’s the alignment or balance we hold in each moment, the layers of experience and beliefs, and our choice of focus, which either allows our innate, infinite, ever-flowing abundance to move through us into the physical world, cuts off the stream completely, or creates the illusion of some version in between.  I picture each person as a spigot with the ability to tap into infinite abundance and yet there are certain energetics that either open or close the flow.  From my experience, these are the energetic areas to consider when we are working towards bringing through more of our innate abundance into the physical world.  

I would say that most of us don’t yet consciously know their innate abundance and ability to manage the flow.  And therefore, we have moments and days which feel abundant and an equal amount of “nows” which demonstrate lack. Up and down. Back and forth.  We are unconscious manifestors. 

Abundance, in general, is just another representation of how unfiltered we are to the energy or essence of our soul.  It is a reflection of balance, beliefs and focus.  

So, here is how I am currently seeing these three energetic areas and some of the questions that I have asked and continue to ask myself:


Are you balanced in the energy you give to and receive from others?  Do you have healthy boundaries?  For example, when I am enabling my family, or children, instead of allowing them to contribute to the household and experience the lessons that their soul has chosen, my abundance dwindles.  I am coming from the perspective of lack, by giving away too much of my energy, and not seeing them each as “gods inside a little body” perfectly capable of meeting certain needs and learning from experience. This can also be applied to adults. We all have a soul, an omnipotent fractal of All-That-Is inside, guiding, loving and choosing for us the path for our highest good. No exceptions there. We are, in truth, infinitely abundant in our own right.  So, when you give away too much of your energy to enable another, you are taking away their experience to connect with that infinite energy and thereby limiting your own stream or connection.  


What have you previously experienced in relationship to abundance?  Do you drag  experiences of lack into the present creating repetition of “not enough”?  Past energetic templates of lack can unconsciously permeate all of your life until you dismantle these beliefs as complete baloney and choose the infinite abundance that you are.  How do you feel about yourself?  Do you know that you are worthy of everything and anything which supports a path of Joy or are you stuck in out-dated beliefs which hold you back from experiencing the fullness of now?  Do you hold onto beliefs that were never yours in the first place, such as having money or abundance is “bad”, you don’t deserve it, or it’s just not your destiny to enjoy life because life is meant to be difficult and full of struggle?  Do you define yourself by the money you have in the bank or the car that you drive?  Do you recognize that you are beyond limitations and definitions?  The truth is that you can have absolutely anything you truly desire, but when money and material items are used as a band-aid, crutch or mask for internal wounds, you are restricting your connection to the abundance which is yours to claim.   

Do you limit your definition of abundance “to money in your bank account” or are you open to receiving abundance in all forms and ways?

And finally…and this is a big one for me. In fact, I am just moving through learning and integrating these questions and resulting truths.  Who and what is your source of abundance?  We all have various aspects of our life that represent our means or the gatekeeper, if you will, to prosperity.   For example, a boss, a job, our measure of success in the job, a husband, a parent, an investment portfolio, a trust fund, a “fill-in-the-blank”.  This is our created source for abundance, and we develop a belief system that we must control this aspect of our life to maintain the flow. But the truth is, you, and you alone, are your source for abundance.  So, it’s the internal understanding that your source of abundance is within you and it is only the choice of balance, beliefs and focus which either allow or restrict you from experiencing prosperity or lack.  When we place too much power and credence in someone or something else controlling our innate abundance, we by definition create lack in our life. The truth is that just by our existence, we deserve and are worthy of everything and anything.  You don’t need to DO or PROVE anything to anyone to be worthy of abundance. Period paragraph. Just believe it. 


This is the area of abundance which I am currently exploring. Where is your focus in each moment?  And, I recently discovered how powerful our CHOICE of focus is.  

Just last week, I had an “Akashics Records Reading” with my mentor, Steffany Barton.  For anyone who is not farmiliar with this term, The Akash or Akashic Records is a compilation of the non-physical records of all human thought and action spanning the past, present and future.  You can google this for more information as even Wikipedia has some insight on these records.  

In this reading, I asked about my relationship to all forms of abundance.  The Akashic Record Keepers explained to me that I am now experiencing and learning that I, just like all of humanity, have no limitations. 

I have been knee-deep in lessons of abundance for years now.  I have chosen over the years to continue to empower myself in all ways.  My husband and I have separate accounts and one joint account whereby he moves money over so that I can buy essentials for the household and for our children. This set up is by design. My husband is not my source of abundance and the best way for me to understand and hone my own internal connection with infinite prosperity is through this perceived limitation.  I am building my own business and in the meantime, it is my responsibility to be resourceful and find new ways of supporting any needs that I have.  I have relinquished all of the previous luxuries of vacations, salons, spas and shopping for enjoying “staycations”, learning to highlight and cut my own hair, giving myself pedicures, etc.  And to be honest, I don’t really miss any of it. I enjoy the freedom it provides me and the empowerment I experience by giving these luxuries to myself. 

But, I was still a bit stuck on bills which I would like to pay, and up to this point, my husband has been unwilling.  

After the reading, I continued to ponder how I could shift my energy from limited to unlimited. And it finally hit me.  It’s my focus.  That’s the last piece of the puzzle for me to tap into the innate abundance that we all possess.  The questions that I ask myself are:  When I look around the house, do I dwell on the mess and that which still needs to be repaired or do I only choose to focus on the Love and Wholeness of what is?  The truth is that no matter how my physical reality appears, it truly is the Love, Comfort and Ease that is experienced within our home that really matters.  Do I wake up, plan and explore the day from the perspective of anything is possible and we have more than enough, or do I become distracted by lack?  When I ask my husband to transfer money to our joint account, do I approach him with a feeling of desperation, lacking and constant need for more, or do I understand that my family and I are always supported in our needs and there is more than enough?  Do I view each moment choosing the Love that permeates not only our world but the whole universe, or do I become bogged down in fear? 

These ongoing moments of choosing to focus on either Love or Fear, Abundance or Lack, create a momentum of energy that either facilitates the flow of abundance or restricts your experience and creates the reflection “not enough”.  

Humanity has been blessed with the infinite gift of choice.  Love or Fear?

What will you choose?

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