I am encountering many “did you hear?”s lately. Did you hear about this tragedy?  Did you hear about that crisis?  

There is no denying that these are trying times. Great atrocities have occurred and are occurring.  My heart truly aches for all of the suffering which humanity is currently experiencing.

That said, I hear something else as well.  

I hear Love in all forms like a bubbling brook building momentum as an undercurrent to what is. 

I hear the winds of change breezing along and within the current challenges that exist, whispering Truth to all of the world.

I hear the exultation of claimed Freedom as humanity awakens, one person at a time, to the full understanding of who and what they are.

I hear proclamations underscored with great Courage and Authenticity, as people speak their truth with the intention of helping others.

I hear the soothing waves of Compassion wash over the earth, as we reach out to support those in pain and begin to heal some of the wounds.

Once again, humanity is faced with choice.  Where should we place our focus?  Do we choose Love or Fear?

Whatever we choose will grow with our attention and intention?  Don’t underestimate the subconscious of the human collective.  That energy is powerful enough to shift galaxies.  What should our focus be?

From my perspective, I have never been more in Love with and in Awe of humanity…..I have never met a more resilient, passionate crowd…No matter what we face, we get through it and become stronger by it.

So, I choose Love.  And, I choose Humanity.

What do you choose?

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