I have a discussion with myself — quite frequently — when I find myself triggered by someone else’s action or inaction.

This is the short version of what this conversation sounds like in my head -between the part of me that wants other people to change to fit my needs and the other part of me that knows that change occurs within:

Confused Jen: “So and so” is driving me crazy. He always (fill in the annoying behavior).

Wisdom Jen : That may be true, but what does “so and so” and “so and so’s behavior” have to do with you?

Confused Jen : Well, if he would stop (fill in the annoying behavior that it appears is preventing you from getting what you need or want) then I would be able to (fill in what you need or want).

Wisdom Jen: It may appear that he is your roadblock, but actually your reality is created entirely within. So, again, what does “so and so” have to do with you and your reality?

No-longer Confused Jen: Yep, I know…he has nothing to do with the reality I am experiencing…I am the creator of my reality.

Wisdom Jen: So, look at the thoughts, beliefs, and perspectives that are holding you back. Acknowledge the old wounds that keep you mired and stuck. And, then choose new ones that support you in what you want. Intend and take inspired action. And you will have all that you need.

Centered and Aligned Jen: Yep, I needed that reminder. Onward and upward!

And this discussion could go on multiple times per day, until I let go of the part of me that still holds on to my previous understanding of reality.

Don’t let anyone paint on your canvas.

This is your creation. When you allow other people’s behavior to influence it, you are letting them paint on your canvas. Just remember that before you decide to react or use their action or inaction to negatively alter your path.

So, find the wisdom aspect of self who knows that the game is rigged until you master your bubble of reality. And, utilize that part of you to bring yourself back to truth.

You are a creator. And, no one has power over your creation unless you relinquish it.

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