Emotions, when not consciously chosen, box us into our experience. They literally become our roof and four walls.

How and why does this occur?

First, we validate the past.

We have an experience.

We interpret this experience based upon what we validate in memory.

So, in real time and often unconsciously, we use the past to determine the present and future.

We say to ourselves (in light speed), “I remember this situation. This is what happened before. Based on that, this will happen now.”

Then, we have thoughts

And then we have thoughts based upon that interpretation (based on past experience) that give rise to emotion.


And this emotion — which is the fuel for our creations — literally trap us into one experience over and over — like waves of energy pushing and pulling — kneading our physical awareness into an endless version of the movie Groundhog Day.

Once the cycle is recognized, we desperately attempt to change things through some false sense of control — manipulation, coercion, passive-aggression, etc. — which is never effective and leads to more of the same.

Pivoting out of the circular experience.

Pivoting out of a circular experience requires that you are open to the idea that the human brain knows how things have been done in the past, but cannot know how things can be done in the future.

Knowing our infinite potential is the job of the higher self. And we may not always be tapped into the soul enough in each moment to be aware of these possibilities.

So, to pivot requires us to consider a broader perspective. One that cannot necessarily be validated by the past or even seen by us as a potential. But it is there. Beckoning us to withhold judgment and allow for a better path to unfold.

If we do that. If you are open to other possibilities — that may defy the logical brain — but could occur, then you can pivot out of the cycle.

I have done this myself. It takes practice. And a fundamental understanding about how our reality is created. But it works.

Choose everything is possible, new thought, different emotion and open the door to freedom.

So, practice not validating the past in memory. Instead, allow the future to be a blank canvas where everything is possible. Choose that thought, guided by inspired intentions for your creation. This will give rise to new and different emotion.

And, ultimately set you free.

Photo by Alexander Schwarz on Unsplash

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