Do you have people in your life who tend make annoying, negative or hurtful comments on a frequent basis? Maybe they don’t even recognize it, but they are chronic complainers. Or possibly, they are a bit judgmental, perceive themselves as helpful, but are actually just frequently critiquing and criticizing you.

Compassion is the Foundation and Key to Our Own Expansion

Not everyone has the same level of self-awareness to observe their beliefs, perspectives, and subsequent behaviors are holding them back, hurting others and not in the best interest of anyone involved. We are all at different stages of our evolution. So understanding that is paramount and serves as the foundation for our own individual expansion.

But does that mean we just do nothing? We should just put up with it? No.

Healthy and Discerning Boundaries Establish our Freedom to Choose

What serves each one of us, individually and collectively, is to have healthy and discerning boundaries about what we will and will not accept in our own reality.

Without judgement, you are saying, ‘You have the freedom to choose and so do I. And your choice is not mine.’

This will often include some kind of action to clearly establish those boundaries. But what is equally important is the internal awareness. Knowing within what you will and won’t accept as a part of your creation is vital.

Your reality is filtered through your consciousness. It’s the lens through which you engage with the world.

So, that is where you establish the foundation of your boundaries. It’s that simple. But you need to be VERY clear within yourself where that line is.

Truth Will Expand Your Vision

The truth is that everyone has someone in their lives that resembles a heckler, the peanut gallery and the party pooper. Why? Because relationships serve as a navigation tool for your own expansion.

So the solution is to use the reflection for growth and to practice not fueling what you no longer want to experience.

  1. Practice The Reflection in Relationship Tool: Figure out if the reflection is actually something that is true about you or merely your own self-limiting belief that needs to healed.
  2. Practice knowing ‘what other people think about you, is actually none of your business’: Once you have self-awareness about the reflection, it’s crucial to recognize that another person’s perspective about your creation is truly irrelevant and therefore none of your business. Their opinion is only relevant if you choose it to be so. Know that you are the artist of your life, and don’t let anyone paint on your canvas.
  3. Practice knowing that there is usually an echo effect: During the process of changing your experience, you will practice step 1 and step 2, but still see the reflection that you don’t prefer. In other words, the heckler may still be there doing its thing. But don’t despair. It doesn’t mean that you are doing something wrong or its not working. All beliefs carry an energetic frequency. If you have a long-held belief, it is going to take an ongoing practice of letting go of it within and clearing out the old frequency, before you change the reflection. Not years and maybe not even months. There is not actually one prescribed time frame. What facilitates the change, is not needing it to occur to be happy and at peace. You know it will change but don’t need it to change. Then and only then will it miraculously transform.
  4. The Sky is Blue: We create our experience through focus and emotion. Like driving a car, we point our attention towards something — move the steering wheel —while we feel an emotion —step on the gas pedal. Creation doesn’t translate negative emotions as something you don’t want. If you focus on a something, and fuel it with emotion — even if it’s negative — you get more of it. When someone says something that frustrates you on a regular basis, practice telling yourself that they are saying “The sky is blue.” It’s a neutral statement that doesn’t warrant emotion and therefore you are no longer giving energy to something you don’t want. I love it because it bypasses this system of feeling strong negative emotion towards something and therefore perpetually creating more of it in your life.

The sky is blue. The sky is blue. The sky is blue!

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