I recognize now that I had no idea, that the Angel Reading I purchased from Steffany Barton, was literally opening up Pandora’s box for me – but that’s exactly what happened.  Gradually, I looked at all areas of my life which I had previously ignored or denied for fear of of the unknown. Facing the fear allowed me to see that there wasn’t a scary monster hiding in the dark ready to engulf me. You see, the scary parts of life tell us not to look.  They say, “Oh no!  Don’t look here!  I am scary.  If you acknowledge me, your life will fall apart and you will lose everything you hold dear.”  But that’s the trick. That’s the ruse. And that’s the prison.  It’s like the Great Oz behind the curtain. The consequence is truly paper thin and the reward is the pot of gold.  The truth is that facing those fears or those parts of you which seem uncomfortable or undesirable, release you from your self-imposed prison and provide you with the gift of truly knowing and expressing yourself in all of your glory.

This is what I have been doing for the past five or so years.  Bit by bit, I have been facing the darkness and finding my true, but hidden self again.  I promise you that once you get a taste of what you were missing or suppressing of yourself, there is no turning back.  One experience of what it feels like to face the perceived darkness and rediscover who you really are…well, words fail me… it’s that good.

You see, in my attempt to ignore any part of myself that didn’t “fit in” and  to “push myself into the mold” of what society at large told me that I should look like, wear, do, be, say, have, think of myself, think of others…there was just nothing left of me.  I accomplished making myself a cookie cutter of the accepted ideal on the outside…kind of.  But, on the inside I was miserable. And I could no longer deny that misery.

When we make a choice to only acknowledge “the acceptable parts of us”, to “fit in” and become like everyone else….when we inhibit or diminish the expression of our own unique, inherent beauty ….we truly deprive ourselves and the rest of the world.  We were never meant to become clones or copycats of each other. Never. The beauty I see in others is what they bring to the party that no one else does. How do they see the world differently than I do?  What unique perspective do they provide, that only they can?  How are they different?  To me, it really is someone’s perceived “flaws”, meaning the parts of a person that society would say to hide or fix or diminish, that make them extraordinary.  That make them truly compelling.

Anyone can become a replica of everyone else.  But, that’s just one flavor or one color.  It’s drab. It’s lifeless. It’s boring. I get excited about all of the colors of humanity. Have you ever noticed how young children don’t like when another child “copies” them?  Maybe it is the fact that they haven’t yet bought into the concept “we must be like everyone else around us” to be accepted?  Maybe it’s because when we are very young, we haven’t yet lost the understanding that being different is powerful?

Yes, it takes the courage of conviction and the love of self to express your own unique perspective and live life on your own terms.  But, wow, once you take that step of owning who YOU are – does that make life the amazing ride it is meant to be.  Not only does that open you up infinite joy, but it also gifts the rest of the world with the beauty of you. All of your Flavors. All of your Colors.

When humanity opens up to their own unique perspective and shares THAT with the world – look out – we will be unstoppable.

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