Today, I began to ponder the idea of inspired action.  I have been actively engaged in this for a few years now and understood the mechanics but didn’t quite know the underlying energetics.

Now it’s clearer to me how this works.  First of all, you have a goal. You are at point A but want to get to point G for example. However, the route from A to G isn’t clear. Your logical mind cannot “see” the path to point G because there are perceived obstacles in the way.  

So, you begin with the intent to arrive at point G. You put it out there without seeing the path.  The next step is to explore all avenues releasing all ideas about how this would have been done in the past.  So all paths are valid.  Period. So, with that in mind, you take inspired action. This action is showing the universe energetically that you are ready, willing and able to explore all avenues, even if the logical mind still cannot see how this takes you to your end goal. And, exploring all avenues allows the universe to begin to manifest that path for you. That’s the brilliance behind this!  It’s very simply intent, inspired action and then allowance. All the while, it’s vital to keep an open mind about how the universe navigates you to this end results. But it works!  Magically!  And voila, with patience, inspired action and the ability to see all paths as valid, even if the logical mind does not see the “logic”. The universe magically brings forth to you the beautiful manifestation for which you so desire.  Lovely. 

I am so grateful. 

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