Steffany Barton and the Archangels have taught me …well, essentially enough knowledge to write a book…but one of the basic tenents of this knowledge is that “all of the colors make the rainbow”.  Meaning, we must KNOW and EXPRESS all of ourselves to experience not only the life but also the world we desire. Have you ever seen a rainbow with just one color?  If you did, would the beauty of it pale in comparison to one with the full spectrum of colors?

Years ago, I was not willing to look and really see any of the rumblings within that caused me to feel sadness or anything related to that emotion. What could or would happen once I opened myself up to all aspects of me scared me into a paralysis – I was paralyzed or trapped by the potential consequences of really looking, knowing and expressing myself. Looking back now, I realize that I had literally lost my identity – my true self – as the fear of knowing and expressing the entirety of me kept me imprisoned in my own personal jail.  I created the jail cell, locked the door, and threw away the key. 

Now that jail cell is only a distant memory, and it holds no power over me.  In fact, I now seek out understanding and expressing myself on a daily basis.  The Angel reading I had with Steffany brought such strong emotions to the forefront of my mind, that I could no longer pretend.   The desire to live in my truth took over the wheel and steered me towards the fear of what I could not face in the past.  

The reading from Steffany and the Archangels reminded me of my true essence, my eternal self.  And, as soon as I got a taste of that…well, there was no going back.  I actually cried tears of relief and joy, because who Steffany and her team described was a long lost friend, with whom I ached to reacquaint myself.

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