You are worthless. You’re a mess. You can’t do anything right. You disgust me. You’re a freak. Stay out of this, no one asked you. Why don’t you go kill yourself and put everyone out of their misery. You’re a loser. You have no friends. You’re a slut. You’re a disgrace. You’re a disaster. You’re crazy.  

Have you ever heard someone projecting pain in this manner? Have you ever been the target of someone’s venom or of your own?

These diatribes of separation and victimhood can also be directed at groups of people – those who are perceived as the enemy and the culprit of someone’s misery.  

Those Democrats, Republicans…politicians, corporations, hippies…people who practice a certain race, religion or country…white people, women with green hair, men with blue hair….those fill-in-the-blank people…they are the reason for my suffering. They are at fault for all that is wrong with the world.  

All of it is essentially emotional vomit.  

And, I feel great compassion and empathy for anyone who is hurling barbs of hatred. Because beneath the vitriol is deep suffering.  

Symptoms: Emotional Vomit for a false sense of power and control and to cope with pain
Diagnosis: Feeling powerless and in pain

This behavior manifests in two primary ways: 

  1. Projected outward in an attempt to feel powerful and bury the pain in the heart of another. Each emotional outburst, humiliation and episode of cruelty serves as a temporary fix in a repetitive cycle to keep the ruse of power and avoidance of feelings going.
  2. Projected inward as a result of feeling powerless and a belief that it’s what they deserve. Each self-inflicted episode further erodes the existence of self and ultimately manifests as addiction, illness and disease. This pattern basically eats you alive.

These behaviors are terribly destructive to individuals, families, countries and the future of our world. We need a treatment and healing plan.

The Healing and Treatment Plan

Unpack your life, face your demons and allow yourself to heal:

We beat ourselves or others up via an ongoing verbal skewering in an attempt to unload our pain. We seek to avoid rather than acknowledge, understand, and heal the root of our wounds. But when you look at this from a higher perspective, it makes no sense.


It’s like going for a hike in the mountains with a friend and carrying a backpack of boulders. Your friend says, “You know that you can put down your backpack and take out the boulders, right?’ And you say “‘No, no…I want to take my boulders with me…they are heavy and will probably ruin my hike, but I am afraid of change. Plus, I would need to take the time to set the backpack down, unzip it and take out each boulder. And, I don’t really have the time or patience to do that. In fact, I don’t know if that will even help me. I’ll just keep going in emotional misery…forever.”

Is this an exact analogy? No, but it’s close. Unpacking your emotional pain, seeing it for what it is, and letting go is far less painful than holding onto it. I have done it myself. Just surrender to it…you won’t be sorry…I promise you.

Recognize your innate power:

We are Creators. We are Gods, Source, Consciousness in a body having a physical experience for our own growth and expansion.  

We can have the experience of victimhood, but the truth is that we created this illusion and we know how to transcend it. No one could possibly victimize you unless you choose it. Is your life situation always fair? No, on one level it isn’t but go higher. As a creator, you wanted to see what it would be like to believe that you were powerless and break through the chains of limitation. You wanted the sheer ecstasy of descending into the darkness of disempowerment and separation only to find out that you are actually an infinite, all powerful god.

Your perceived limitations are a mirage that can be resolved through a shift of perception, healthy boundaries, intention and inspired action. Coupled with a daily practice of gaining sovereignty of your emotions – becoming aware of and choosing your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions – literally morphs you into a superhero.

Superheroes Wanted

This is my shout out for letting go of outdated coping mechanisms and pain and reclaiming our power and freedom. The truth is that we are all superheroes masquerading as humans. But it’s time to recognize this, put on our capes, and get busy. There is no time to waste.  

So, reclaim your superhero status.

It only requires some courage and the choice to be free. 

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