Do you have a desire to become sovereign in your life?  Would you like to become the authority of your emotions, enhance your intellectual capacity and find clarity that catapults your career?

This state of being is within reach and can transform your reality.

Clear the Condensation for Clarity

You know how your glasses get all steamed up when you go from the cold, winter air to the heated warmth of your home?  And, you have to take them off, and clean them so that you have clear vision?

Well that is a simple analogy for how, without awareness, our feelings and emotions can create a ‘brain fog’, clouding our daily choices, actions and access to the highest form of knowledge.  To clear this film, you must be aware that feelings, although very real in your experience, are just information.  They are there to guide you, but they are not meant to control you.

Easier said than done?

Up until about six years ago, I had no idea that I could actually choose my emotions.  Fear, anxiety, and sadness could quickly and easily engulf my world and hold me prisoner in its grips.  But, then I connected with an extraordinary woman, and now friend and mentor, Steffany Barton, who literally gave me the keys to my self-imposed prison.

I now know that I have the power to choose the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings that I experience.  Everyone has the freedom to choose, and be unencumbered by the malaise of emotion that can taint your ability to function at your maximum potential.

I discovered that you can reclaim your authority, through a simple process that actually works because it is based upon the fundaments of reality.  You know that you are not operating in harmony with the basic structure of reality, when life feels heavy and difficult.  And, conversely, when you are feeling peaceful, ease, joy, freedom, and excitement, you are in the flow and living in a way that is most beneficial to you.

The Process:

  1. Acknowledge the feelings of fear.
  2. Receive the information that is relevant guidance in your life.
  3. Go back to your center point by choosing the emotions you prefer.  
  4. Take inspired action to resolve any challenges, but from a centered state of being.  
  5. Rinse, repeat!

Acknowledge: So, acknowledge your feelings of fear, such as anxiety, anger, dread, sadness, as valid.  Allow them to be and do their job, without investing and fueling the feelings. Feelings are just information, which if ignored, continue to resurface, until you look at them. Recognize any guidance that they are providing.

ChooseBut….and this is crucial…know that you actually have an option to energize the fear or choose to go back to a center point of ‘all is well’.

clear the glassLove or fear is always a choice.  Love is the vibration of who you are.  Fear is the absence of love, not the opposite.  Feelings of fear exist because they are being filtered through your belief systems and manifesting as something other than who you are.  This may go against everything that you have been taught or experienced, but this is truth.

You are NOT in Denial!

There will be a part of you that is saying, ‘This is crazy!  I am living in denial if I don’t hang onto this emotion…’.

However, that center point is not ignoring reality, it’s merely a choice.  And a powerful one at that.  Adversity is just a part of this journey.  And, the feelings we have as a result are signs along the road.  If you are on a road trip and you see a sign that says “Go Slow Around Curve”, you don’t cancel the trip, turn around and go home.  And, you don’t slow down for the rest of the trip and worry about every bend in the road.  You heed the warning and adjust your trip accordingly.

The problem that plagues you will not disappear because you remain in fear.  To the contrary, your focus on it will fuel its existence.

Find Clarity, Balance and Wisdom:  Your decision to go back to center, actually paves the path toward resolving the challenge.  And, the solution will only come to you when clear of the anxiety, distraction and fear, so that you can carry on with what is in front of you from an optimal cognitive stage of being.  You are then able to address each moment from a place of balance, have access to wisdom, and take inspired action to navigate your life.

You are able to choose and act with intention, because you are not beholden to an ongoing circus of emotions in your head.


Learning to master your emotions is not something that just occurs.  Much like riding a bike, it takes practice.  Each time you actively look fear in the eyes, and use your power to choose, new neural pathways are created and form a biological template, which supports your thought independence.  You develop emotional maturity, which provides you with a freedom like no other.

You become a sovereign being.

Emotional Maturity has become an Imperative to Business Leaders

I make it a point to be aware of what is occurring on the leading edge of the corporate arena, because I am so excited about the auspicious changes ahead of us.

What I am seeing is personal development, emotional maturity, and our new understanding of consciousness is at the forefront of some of the brightest minds on the planet.  Visionary CEOs and trailblazing organizations across industries are exploring what that means to them, and their employees going forward.  Just google ‘conscious business’.  This topic is pervasive.

We are beginning to see the buds of change emerge.  But with all change, it looks a bit messy and chaotic.  Similar to cleaning out a closet, everything has to come out, be sorted through, and then you keep, organize and put back the items you want to keep.  This is occurring on a monumental scale within all systems on the planet.

Aspects of our current system are being placed front and center in our awareness, and some of it isn’t pretty, so that we can decide if this is what we want as we move forward with more evolved systems.

“Due to a ‘perfect storm’ of economic, social and environmental factors, our business landscape is becoming more and more volatile.  The pace of change, too, is increasing.  To succeed in business we must be agile, creative, alert spontaneous, and responsive – often operating in completely new ways…Put simply, the business models and management approaches that served us well in the past are no longer a fit for purpose in a business context where dynamic change is the new norm.” Giles Hutchins

This is an organic process, which can manifest as turbulence and volatility.  “The years ahead to 2020, in this decade of deconstruction and reconstruction, shall bear witness to the wheat being separated from the chaff.” (Giles Hutchins)  During this time of transition, especially, it is vital that we maintain a sense of balance and operate with clarity and intention.  And, attaining a mastery of our emotions is the foundation of this aim.

Business leaders are very aware of their own need to evolve emotionally as they steer their organizations through the choppy waters.  They are recognizing that they must also support and empower their employees with tools for personal evolution.

The path that lies ahead requires us to find balance, remain agile and adaptive, and make decisions and take action from this higher octave of self-awareness.

We truly are poised for what I see as a Golden Age.  Yet, in order to find our way, we must rise to the occasion.  We must have the courage to embrace change as the new norm.  We must understand that it is now our time to claim our sovereignty of mind and body.  And, we must be tenacious in raising our self-awareness.  So, clear the haze and embrace your power!

The old models of corporate strategy and capitalism are dead.  We are witnessing a paradigm shift from hurting to helping.” Professor Michael Porter, Harvard Business School


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