Laura Irwin got me thinking. That’s what I love about this forum. LinkedIn provides you the opportunity to share and discuss a myriad of perspectives. All points of view are questioned. And, I believe that being exposed to this is equally valuable to the affirmation and agreement that we provide each other.

Laura is very good at digging down to the root of what we ask ourselves privately but don’t always put out there for the world to see. She is fearless like that. And I honor her courage.

None of us know everything. No one has the the magic knowledge bullet. The answers lie within ourselves catalyzed by our questioning and collaboration. Wisdom is being open to and considering all perspectives. That’s exactly how we become enlightened.

The post that had my mind whirling was Laura’s requests for thoughts about the momentum behind personal development.

And, I was immediately intrigued. That actually hadn’t occurred to me. But that’s the whole point. If Laura was thinking about this then other people were too. It helped me realize an area in which I could hone my own message.

One Primary Purpose

I have literally one primary purpose in sharing the benefits of the path that I walk.

Disseminating the wisdom – which I define as knowledge gained through experience – that I have gained to live a more abundant, peaceful, and joyful life. That’s it. Take whatever works or resonates with you and leave the rest behind. I do not want to be worshipped. It never occurred to me because I do not believe that any of us are more valuable than another. We are all unique but equal in all ways – equal! This is my truth.

This is the perspective that self-awareness has given me. If I lived with any other intention then I would be lying to myself and everyone else which defeats the purpose of my journey. Truth is paramount.

I write and share what I have learned because I see a world in flux and want to be a positive force in the change that is occurring. If I never earn a penny or receive a “comment’ or a “like”, I will continue to share. This is my passion. And, following your true passion always leads you toward everything that you need. It’s simple physics that dictate this outcome.

Another Perspective isn’t a Threat, it’s a Gift

I didn’t receive Laura’s questioning as a threat or affront to my own beliefs. It really was just a question. An interest in feedback. And, no one else is required to agree with your opinions for them to be true. Nothing can take away from what you believe unless you choose that to be true. I know All truths are true and all perspectives are valid.

Plus, our beliefs are based upon our experience. And how can you argue with someone else’s experience? It’s their experience!

Most importantly though, it gave me the opportunity to do my own questioning and consideration. It opened a window to broaden my beliefs and see something through another person’s eyes. That’s gold. Every chance you have to view the world through a broader lens, take it! You become more of who you are. You transform into an even better version of yourself.

Clarity and Freedom

So, why has personal development taken such a prominent role in the world? Why now? What’s the purpose?

Personal development – the ongoing discovery of self and relationship to all that is – equates to clarity and freedom in a world that seems disorderly and restrictive.

The chaos we are observing is consciously or unconsciously triggering a mass movement towards understanding ourselves and our world so that we can move toward a better way of living. And there is a better way now. One that wasn’t as readily available in the past.

Science, energy and spirituality have begun to converge. This convergence is validating the truth that we are all connected by a vast, holographic, intelligent field of energy. Because we now know that we exist within this field as equal and powerful aspects of the fabric of the universe, this leads us on a quest to understand what else this means for us. Here are a few ideas to ponder:

  • We are Creators.
  • When we harm another or our environment, we are literally inflicting pain on ourselves. There is no separation.
  • The old ways of living – greed, disconnection, war, hierarchy, societal pressure to conform, and living as a slave to the financial system – are no longer working.
  • Collaboration is far more powerful than competition.
  • We do not need to feel or be subservient to anyone because we are all equally powerful and valuable. The old paradigm of bowing to another in deference to a false perception of their superior lineage, royal descendants, net worth or authority is fading away as an experience we had to learn about ourselves, but not something we choose going forward.
  • We bow to each other to honor the light, the source, the fractal of creation that we see reflected in another.

We no longer need to be enslaved by uninspiring work for monetary gain to live and thrive. When we use the unseen powers of creation, we are able to take back the reigns, dedicate our lives to something we are truly passionate about and realize an easier and greater abundance than we ever imagined.

Self-awareness is the key to finding clarity – a true understanding of who we are – and freedom – an unshackling of the chains that bind us.  

This key opens the door that will lead us out of the haze we have experienced for thousands of years.

A new era, a golden era is being birthed. And, personal development of all forms, practices, beliefs and perspectives is acting as a foundation to transform humanity to move forward in a more evolved understanding of the creators that we are.

Thank you, Laura, for inspiring and being a reflection of what I did not see, but now I do. Please keep asking us the difficult questions.
The rumble that we hear as humanity embraces its own evolution is our call for clarity and freedom and the key to unlock our greatest potential.

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