I was sitting with my thirteen year old son,Will, as he played Xbox after school one day. We were just chatting about nothing in particular.
I find conversations with my children, during those moments where there isn’t any agenda, is an optimal way of sharing wisdom. Magic occurs. During the moments in between the hustle and bustle, they are open and ready to receive.
I was folding laundry and watching as Will formed a virtual world of creation and discovery.  As I observed his power to create in this game, I seized the opportunity to point out the parallels to life.

Me: “So, Will…”

Will: “Uh huh?”

Me: “You know how I have said before that life is a type of virtual reality, just like the game you are playing now?”

Me: “Yep.”


Me: “Well, in order to play Xbox, in order to create the virtual worlds, you have to connect to wifi, correct.”

Will: “Yep.”

Me: “It’s the same thing with real life.”

Will: “Okay…”

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Me: “And, you know that challenges are a part of life, no matter what, so we can learn. That’s the whole point, right?”

Will: “Yep.”

Me: “Okay, so life is similar to playing this game. But, instead of connecting to wifi, you connect to your higher mind, your higher self, your soul, the field of information…whatever name you feel comfortable with…and this connection creates a bridge to all knowledge that is relevant to you and your ‘real-life creation’. You will still face challenges, but you will better understand the reason for them. And you will be the creator in your life, rather than life creating you.”

Will: “Okay, but how do I do that? How do I access the field?”

Me: “Good question! So, just like you enter your password to access wifi, there is a key to unlocking the field of information. The key is quieting your mind. Let go of thoughts.”

Will: “But my mind is always thinking, how do I not think? And, do I have to sit like a yogi to do that? I don’t want to sit like a yogi…”

Me: “Okay, (slightly stifled laughter) so no, you don’t have to sit like a yogi. You can do this while you are shooting hoops, playing the guitar or in the shower. It doesn’t matter.”


“And to quiet your mind, you observe your thoughts as they come and go but you don’t attach to them. So, think of it as watching cars driving down the highway. You watch the cars come and go, but you don’t jump in and ride down the road with them. You could focus on your breathing – that gives your mind something to do. When your mind has a focus of something like your breath, it’s a whole lot easier to keep the thoughts of fear, doubt and distraction at bay.”

Will: “Okay, that makes sense…”

Me: “And when you quiet your mind (the key) and access the field (wifi), you receive important information or ideas that will guide you in building the life that you want.”

Will: “So, it gives me the tools to build something?”

Me: “Yes! You are given the tools of creation. This is where you give your dreams to the field and receive information that you need, which are tools to create. And, remember, we all have a path that we came up with before we came here, so you may want to create a basketball court in the house, for example, but that may not be something that you need for your journey. And this is part of the reason to make that connection, because you better understand what it is you need.”

You will be the creator in life, rather than life creating you.

And then I stopped there…because although he was a captive audience, I knew he would start to tune me out soon…and I would begin to sound like Charlie Brown’s teacher…wah wah, wah wah, waah

He definitely heard me, so that is a beginning. And, the metaphor of the xbox game, wifi and password will begin to build a cognitive bridge for him to discover for himself the inner world that is always present, if you choose to access it.

I know that he will begin to make this conscious connection and it will enhance his personal life and education, and, one day, his career. By the time Will embarks upon the professional world, connecting with the field (consciousness, higher self) to navigate the corporate landscape, innovate and prosper, will not only be accepted but expected.

Consciousness itself will be considered a ‘technology’, which you cannot do without.

It’s similar to using two tin cans and string instead of a phone…why wouldn’t you access this field? Why limit yourself? Why wouldn’t you want to connect to expanded intelligence, emotional acumen, intuition and innovation??

No, no…I’ll just stick with my tin cans…what?!

So, quiet your mind, receive a your tools of creation, and feed the field with your dreams.

It’s that simple.

Go forth creators. Build your business. Fine tune your creations. Access the force.

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