After years of searching and exploring the nature of our reality, I have come to basic truths, I believe, about the meaning and purpose for our existence.  Which is, we are souls, infinite, eternal beings or fractals of Light, incarnated in a body to experience the learning and growth of physical reality.  As such, I now recognize that “failure” is not possible.

In fact, when viewed from that higher perspective, what we see as mistakes are actually the whole point of the journey.

So, hypothetically, let’s say that you were able to maintain “societal standards of perfection”.  First of all, that concept is a subjective and moving target according to your own personal belief systems. So what may be “a perfect life” to one person, could be an absolute nightmare to another.  Right off the bat, the idea of perfection is thrown out the window because who decides what is perfection, success, or even failure?  You could argue that there are certain instances or situations which could absolutely be defined as failure.  However, very often, the idea of triumph or defeat, is defined by our upbringing, parents, and family. So, the parameters of these qualities aren’t necessarily or truly your own but rather only guidelines that you inherited from the past.

That said, and for the purpose of this post, let’s make the assumption that the qualification of success or failure can be defined.  Even if those measurements are clearly dilineated in your reality, I believe that life is about the learning and lessons.  I know that we are all perfect already, but that all souls desire to incarnate in physicality to know more about themselves and their unique expression of All-That-Is.  The only way to learn and grow is through experiencing what you don’t prefer.  The process of living and exploring, what can be deemed as mistakes or failures, is the exact mechanism which provides soul growth.  And, continues to allow all souls expansion towards more of what they do prefer.  More understanding and more insight.  So, by definition, as a soul, you wouldn’t plan your incarnation with “how can I make this easy for me?” or “how can I sail through life without conflict?”.  You would set up situations for yourself to experience challenge, fail, get back up, and move on with the knowledge and insight you acquired.  Furthermore, although you may feel very alone at times, you cannot possibly be.  You have yourself.  Your soul, higher mind, essence, eternal you, who will never leave your side.  This aspect of you is always looking, finding and seeing the quickest and easiest route from where you are to where you need to go.  And, this path very often is straight through the perceived experience of failure.

So, please don’t be so hard on yourself.  I often think that no one is harder on us than we can be to ourselves.  Allow the self-talk in your head to be compassionate, gentle and loving.  Throw out all of the belief systems of antiquated paradigms that really don’t apply to the present and that keep you on the fast track to self-loathing. Forget about working towards the approval of others. No one else matters.  You have to approve of you.  That’s it.  And that is truth.  Live for yourself.  Enjoy the ride.  And know that you cannot fail.

3 thoughts on “You Cannot Fail

  1. This is beautiful and definitely needed. Thank you for sharing. “The only way to learn and grow is through experiencing what you don’t prefer.” This line hit home for me. Continue posting such great wisdom!

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    1. Hi there! And thank you for your comment! I started this blog just a few months ago and you are my “first official comment”! So thank you for sharing what resonated with you. I am honored that you found it helpful. And, I like that you used the word “wisdom”, as my intention is to share the wisdom I have gained through my ongoing journey of self-discovery. It’s a perfect example of how reaching out in appreciation can mean so much. You have made my whole week! And I promise to keep sharing.
      In Gratitude,

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