Where do you put your trust?  All of us trust in the idea that when we wake up in the morning, we will get out of bed, put our feet on the ground and move forward with our day.  Meaning, we trust that the Laws of Gravity are in play.  We trust that the sun will rise in the morning and set in the evening.  We trust that there will be an abundance of oxygen to breathe and that the food we eat will nourish our bodies.  These are just a few examples of belief systems, which are usually taken for granted as dynamics in our life, seen and unseen, that we trust will stay in place for the foreseeable future.  And although, you may not consciously recognize the trust you are giving them – you may say, “Well, yes, of course, because I know that all of these daily aspects of life will occur.” – but I assure you that in order for these parts of life to be there, you must validate them with your beliefs.  

That said, we also give credence to belief systems which are not always in our best interests.  For example, we may put trust in a belief that someone in our life will not honor our needs. Or, we may put trust in the concept that we are victims of circumstance and therefore not able to create our reality. 

These limiting belief systems are subtle in nature and running a script that permeates our life, many times without us knowing on a conscious level.  When we take a step back and honestly observe where we place our trust, we are able to identify these beliefs and then choose others which are more supportive in nature. The point is that you can transform and shape your reality by proactively changing your ideas about the inherent nature of and your interaction with life. 

The first step is identify with self-awareness and self-honesty where and what ideas you currently trust, because everything in your life begins with those beliefs. And, the next step is to replace the self-limiting beliefs with new ideas which you desire to manifest, such as abundance, love and peace.  The final step involves taking responsibility for these new life themes. You must know, believe and have faith, that regardless of what you are currently observing in your reality, you ARE those new belief systems. Live these new perspectives as if they have already manifested in your life. This is not denial of reality.  This is you, empowering yourself to be the creator that you are.  It is definitely a leap of faith, however it’s the fastest and easiest method of moving toward what you want.  Actually, in my experience, it’s the only way. 

What I have learned through experience is that when you remain dedicated to new realities composed of belief systems which you prefer and trust will manifest, the sky is the limit. The change may seem insurmountable and unachievable, but this is just a script you are running that isn’t based in the truth of who you are and what you deserve.  I have discovered that all of life’s experiences are based on the belief systems we choose and ultimately the trust we have in them becoming reality. So open a window and let the fresh air of change into your life. Choose your reality and trust in unlimited opportunity to change your existence to that which is your highest joy and excitement.  

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