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This post is dedicated to my courageous father and the gorgeous soul with whom he cocreated a liver transplant.

Although our souls live on eternally, both my father and another brave soul chose life and death in the physical world.  And, although neither men may have known on a conscious level, their higher selves assessed the journey this far, as well as what they came to accomplish.  And, with the grit which souls who incarnate on earth exhibit, they chose.  They coordinated and implemented their plan, supported by the fabric of the universe, Love.  My eternal gratitude to the man who gave my father a new life, and provided his family, this eternal gift.  And to my father, I thank you for having the courage to receive this gift.  We are honored by your profound example and bravery.

I know that I can speak for my sisters, Heather and Jessica, when I offer my deepest gratitude for our father.  Thank you, Daddy, for continuing to show us your unique expression of the essence of Love.  You show us that Love is quiet and subtle, as it doesn’t need to be loud, because it is that powerful.  You display to us acceptance, kindness, gentleness, patience and ease.  All aspects of Love in its purest form.  You are a beacon of Light, with all fathers on earth.  We lava you.

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