If you are feeling hopeless…

Don’t. Give. Up.

Stay with me now…I have more to say than just that.

This message is coming from someone who has hung out with hopelessness and visits this friend now and again.

Not because I am a victim, but so that I can learn how to turn that state of being around, expand and share the process with you.  So that I can be a living example of the power within each and every one of you.  There is no more powerful teacher than experience.

Live it and you will not forget it.

Victimization to Empowerment happens to be a big theme for me, but I am not alone. And, we all – literally all of humanity – play our own unique role in this evolution of consciousness. I am not special. We all are special. And we reflect are own aspect of light to each other for expansion.

This message isn’t just about giving those hope who need it now.  It’s about truth, empowerment and sharing some basic instructions to the mechanisms underlying reality.  It’s not woo-woo.  It’s quantum mechanics.

These are the instructions for flipping the script on hopelessness (or any other experience you don’t prefer)

  1. Look for the pinpoint of light.  For example, you can breathe, the sun rises in the morning, you have a friend or a loved one who makes you laugh.  It doesn’t matter how tiny the light is.  Find it.
  2. Grow this pinpoint of light with your focus and emotion (such as gratitude).
  3. Keep going, even when your reality is still showing you hopelessness.  Decide to be the state of being you prefer, rather than allowing your reality to dictate it for you.
  4. Allow your focus and emotion to buoy you, until your reality is showing you shards of joy, peace, and empowerment.  And then grow those.  You are planting and growing a garden of the love vibration.
  5. Revel in the truth that you are the writer, director and producer of this wild ride we call “life”.

Grow it with your focus. Slowly. Steadily. Consistently. Until you set your life ablaze.

Keep Growing.  Keep Going.  Use the Instructions.

What a ride!

Ps.  I am grateful today and every day for the opportunity and the gifts I receive, when I share my writing and thoughts with you!

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