“You take the blue pill, the story ends. You wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill, you stay in Wonderland, and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.”   The Matrix

If I had to come up with one magic word…one word, that if pursued…would catapult your life and career into the ethers of success…it would be…expansion.


I am in the passenger seat of the car and my husband is driving.  We are dropping him off at the train.  My car battery had died and I needed to borrow his for the day.

That morning I slept in later than normal, so I was peacefully coasting in between dream and waking state; perusing the auspicious nature of the blank slate of a day in front of me.

We are chatting about my husband’s recent full-force push to start taking better care of himself.

“Part of the reason, I think, that I am taking such good care of myself now…is because…I don’t know…maybe I am going through a midlife crisis…I don’t know…Maybe I just want to look and feel as young as I can for as long as I can…No, I don’t know…”


“You know what I mean?”  I guess that he wanted more of an answer than “uh- huh”.

So, without thinking, I give him more, “Well, it makes sense to take care of your body.  It’s not “you” eternally.  It’s your outfit for this lifetime. You are just borrowing it.  And you always take good care of anything that you borrow….”

“Jennifer…don’t say that to me…”


“It’s just weird…really weird…you sound weird..”

And, I didn’t defend or argue because:

  1. Defense only solidifies the energy that you want to repel
  2. I knew that it did sound weird to him.  Why would I and how could I disagree with someone else’s experience?

My husband and I are not on the same page when it comes to personal evolution and expansion.  Which is fine, because it helps me to continue to learn and develop the truth that we don’t all have to agree about everything to get along beautifully.  We can all have our own truth.  We can all be in different stages of the journey.  And, still choose to coexistpexels-photo-258283 in harmony, hopefully learning from each other through the myriad of reflections.

I don’t believe that being “in agreement and just like everyone else” is ultimately the plan.  In fact, it’s the differences that make life that much more interesting, that much more compelling.  Being different is powerful.

Plus, I accept and honor you no matter how you show up.

That said, there is still a part of me that wants to support my husband in seeing life from a higher and more expansive vantage point.  Not because I want us to agree.  But, from my experience, as you gain a broader perspective, you let in the light and learn the real way the game is played.

Why is expansion so powerful?

Okay, so when you decide to play a game, do you like to know the rules and object before you start?

I am going to make the assumption, that for the most part, you do.

Well, in many ways, life is a type of game – let’s call it the Earth Game – and you may think that you know the way the Earth Game is played, but I found out pretty quickly that I did not.

Once you begin to ask and explore the deeper questions about yourself and your existence, it’s like being given a backstage pass to life.  A backstage pass with benefits galore…benefits that make your life as easy as remembering the alphabet….

 (A)All of Your Fear and Anxiety Fades Away

When you gain a higher perspective, you develop a coherence about what is real and what pexels-photo-290450isn’t.  And, you realize that those states of anxiety are just noise.  Noise that can be silenced by the truth.  And the truth is, that you can set intention, make choices and take action about anything in your life that isn’t working.  It becomes so much easier to let go of fear, self-doubt, worry, and confusion.  You very quickly realize that these are just feelings, but they aren’t the truth of who you are.

   (B)Become Younger in All Ways

Expansion in many way is like The Fountain of Youth.  When you explore these deeper questions, you create a deeper connection with the eternal aspect of you.  And, this creates an energetic shift within you that literally changes your biology.  You begin to look and feel younger, and it just gets better and better.

   (C)Create Opportunities through Adversity

You find out that life is happening for you, not to you, so the challenges become opportunities rather than anger and frustration.  When you see your adversities as openings of potential and doorways to freedom, that is exactly what they become.  You are the creator of your experience.

In fact, I wrote a post about on mastering adversity and the approach that I use to transcend challenge by seeing it as opportunity.  It’s my fail-safe plan and I have found it to be effective in all scenarios.

  (D)Divest of Struggle and Invest in What Matters

When you look behind the curtain of the great and mighty Oz, the illusions that have kept you trapped dissipate, and everything begins to make sense.  You can realign your priorities so that life isn’t constant struggle, and invest your time and energy in what truly matters and brings you joy.

 (E)Empowerment and Freedom

There is a freedom and power that comes from digging deeper into the nature of existence.  Why?  Because when you understand some of the mechanisms that actually form your experience, you can create with and through intention. You begin to utilize the untapped source of creation all around you.

As I wrote in my recent post, Hey Creators, Don’t Forget to Use the Force!, there is a field of subatomic particles waiting for you to choose the reality that you want to experience. When you choose expansion, this force becomes your greatest asset for creation.  Mike Johnson’s post, Swimming in Deer, beautifully illustrates his first-hand experience and the power hidden within this energetic field.  Through expansion, you can access this untapped potential at will.  9808faa5-928f-4cf3-8545-f49517908139

And, the above is just the abbreviated list, not the comprehensive one.

I am not saying that there is only one truth to be found on this journey.  I imagine there are an infinite amount of truths to be revealed.  But, you must know what these truths are for you.  And, most of these will be discovered within.

I believe that to create the life that you truly want, you must explore these deeper questions.  You must expand your perspective so that you develop a coherence about the meaning and purpose of this journey.

There is much more going on than what can be perceived by the naked eye.  I know that expansion sounds complicated and complex.  But, here is the paradox.  On this quest for expansion, the answers that you are provided and the treasures that you unearth, allow you to simplify your life, direct your creation and choose freedom and joy.

So, choose that.  Choose expansion

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