Why should you care that the reality we experience is actually composed of quantum particles vibrating at various speeds based upon resonance and density?  How is it relevant to your life that all space and matter, including our physical bodies, are composed of this quantum material and it is all connected?

If you aren’t a philosopher, physicist, or theologian, why does this matter to you and your world? Who cares? Right?

You can think about this concept when you are on holiday somewhere…sitting on the beach with a cocktail in hand for a few minutes…and then let the people in “woo woo land” ponder about that stuff.

You have things to do. You are busy. You have a job and career to focus on…you have bills to pay and money to make …you don’t have time for all of this ‘everything is energy’ and ‘there is no separation’ mumbo jumbo.

Am I right?

I would say, “NO!”

“Most people think of this kind of stuff, as stuff that is kind of woo woo. It’s kind of a nice philosophical idea. It’s kind of nice that we are all one and all this stuff. But physics is actually showing us that it’s really, actually the way things work.” Nassim Haramein

In fact, I know that the recent scientific discoveries about the nature of the universe are essential to you, your life and your career.

What if I were to tell you that the answer to the challenges we face, the people we want to become and the world we long to create is sitting quietly within the physics of the subatomic particles which compose all of our existence?

Sounds crazy…yes…but I know this to be the truth.

Two Theories: Nassim Haramein Makes the Connection

For decades now, science has viewed the composition and behavior of our world through the lens of two separate theories. One for the big stuff, a la Einstein’s theory of relativity. And one for the really small stuff, or Quantum Theory, which was most notably established by Max Planck. We had settled into the perspective that our universe is chaotic,  random, entropic and without a unified theory to understand its mechanisms.

Usher in physicist Nassim Haramein.  Haramein, who is the founder of the Resonance Science Foundation, has spent the last 30 years studying and searching for a cohesive theory for the fabric of our universe, or Unified Physics.  In his words, “Since quantum particles are in galaxies and black holes, or otherwise said since the small stuff is in the big stuff, I knew that there must be a way to relate the two”.

As a result of decades of research, Haramein has come up with his own Unified Field Theory, which describes the nature and composition of the universe through one cohesive perspective.  Bam!

After watching many of his lectures on YouTube, these are the takeaways that I believe have the most profound effect on our day to day lives:

  • The Universe (space and matter) is self-organizing, coherent, communicative and expanding.
  • All space and matter, including our physical bodies, are composed of the same holographic quantum particles.
  • The space around us that appears empty is actually composed of these quantum particles.
  • Matter is formed when a change in resonance creates a vortex within this sea of quantum particles.

Okay, now buckle your seat belts for this last one…it’s the piece de resistance….

  • Much like a radio attracts radio waves based upon the station it is tuned to, our bodies function as biological antenna attracting experiences based upon our resonance.

We can’t separate consciousness from this Field, because the field itself is consciousness: imprinting, exchanging and transmitting information every nano second.  Nassim Haramein

The Force and Why You Would Benefit from Paying Attention to it

Haramein refers to the quantum particles of our existence as the Field.  However, I like to think of the fabric of reality as the Force, because it reminds me of the power we have when we use it.  Whatever you call it is unimportant….what is crucial is that you give it the attention it warrants.

Science agrees that 99.9% of the Universe is space, while physical matter is a mere .0999%.  So, I ask you, why are we placing a majority of our focus on the physical, when it’s a fraction of a percentage of our reality, versus the non-physical quantum particles that clearly have the majority in our world.  Do you think that these particles would exist in such abundance if they didn’t serve a profound purpose?

I believe that this Field, Force, and Energy is the key to creating life as you want it to be.

Truly, we are creators.  This is what I know to be true in my own life and experience.

I just read a powerful post on LinkedIn by Mike Johnson, Swimming in Deer , which speaks to the how anyone can tap into this Force with intention and shape their life like clay.

There is a malleability to life.  It’s present in these quantum particles that are everywhere waiting for your command.

So, I urge you to access your infinite potential through that which you cannot see, but is silently waiting for your guidance.  Know that your body is the antenna.  Choose a frequency, resonance, vibration.  Start building the reality that you desire with the magical tools you have been given.

Go forth and create!

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