“We have reached a point in our evolution that requires us to learn to speak ’energy’ fluently. Our search to understand the essence of health as well as our newfound passion to form a more mature relationship with the spiritual dimensions of our lives has led us to this crossroads.” —CAROLINE MYSS, PH.D.

The human heart.  We have so much to learn about this extraordinary organ. 

In the past, the brain has received most of the credit for the genius, strength and ingenuity found within the human body. 

Recently, though, scientists have turned their attention to the power of the heart.  

The foundation of the most recent discoveries suggests “that the heart thinks, cells remember, and that both of these processes are related to an as yet mysterious, extremely powerful, but very subtle energy with properties unlike any other known force.”*  This subtle energy can be known as consciousness, life force, prana or chi. In particular, Dr. Gary Russek and Dr. Linda Schwartz, a team of pioneers in the field they founded, called Energy Cardiology, have come forward with their findings that the heart has its own innate intelligence, composed of this energy or life force which radiates at momentum faster than the speed of light, forming a bubble around us – a 360 degree energetic field composed of our unique frequency and vibration.

In 1998, Dr. Paul Pearsall published the book, “The Heart’s Code” on the basis of this discovery, which has just recently begun to garner the attention it deserves.  Dr. Pearsall was a psychoneuroimmunologist, which is a licensed psychologist who studies the relationship between the brain, our immune system, and our experiences with the outside world.   He was also a member of the Heart Transplant Study Team at the University of Arizona School of Medicine and Senior Research Advisor for the Human Energy Systems Research Laboratory at The University of Arizona.  And, Dr. Pearsall did his post doctorate work at the Harvard and Albert Einsten Schools of Medicine. Let’s just say that he was no slouch.  

“The Heart’s Code” is an outstanding resource for understanding the true nature of this profound organ and portal to higher knowledge.  In this book, Dr. Pearsall expertly weaves through and integrates the discovery of the “thinking heart”* and “information carrying energy”* with his own first-hand experience treating heart transplant patients and his research of the human energy field.  

Pearsall offers many interesting perspectives which speak to not only my own understanding of consciousness, and the role we play as a physical aspect of life force, but also echo the assertion of numerous Mystics, Shamans and Healers throughout the ages.  

I’ve listed a few highlights from “The Heart’s Code” relative to the nature of consciousness below and placed my own “two cents” as a note in bold:

  • “Energy and information are the same thing.  Everything that exists has energy, energy is full of information, and stored info-energy is what makes up cellular memories.”* (Note: This assertion stems from the finding that Energy = Information = Matter, which translates to all energy contains information which creates matter in the physical universe.  And, this finding lends scientific credence to the understanding that our thoughts and beliefs create our physical reality – literally – this is not a metaphor.)
  • “What we call mind, consciousness, or our intentions are really manifestations of information-containing energy.”* (Note: We are energetic beings by nature – our body is just the temporary vehicle for this physical manifestation – the soul or consciousness giving awareness to the body is composed of energy which contains an innate intelligence.)
  • “The heart is the primary generator of info-energy.”* (Note: The heart is the communication device for the higher self which delivers messages to us through emotion.)
  • “Because we are manifestations of the info-energy coming to, flowing within, and constantly being sent out from our total cellular system, who and how we are is a physical representation of a recovered set of cellular memories.”* (Note: We are a walking bubble of energetic information that forms the basis of our interaction and experience in physical reality.)
  • The physical brain is primarily a “reactive health maintenance system” rather than “a contemplative, feeling system”.* (Note:  This corresponds with my understanding of the brain as a type of translation device, not to be used as the source of our wisdom but rather as a receptor.  Wisdom is derived through the intelligence of the heart.)

So, as a result of these new scientific discoveries, humanity now has a richer understanding of what has only been known as metaphorical or theoretical in the past. Which is, the answers to transforming your life to its highest possible joy and potential lies within the heart, not the brain.  The trick is to train – it’s a practice, really – the brain to do its job without overpowering or preventing the heart from playing its role – which is to provide the higher knowledge and emotional knowing of the soul.  

In the last century, in particular, humanity has become progressively more reliant on the brain for day to day decisions.  The brain when not integrated with the soul dialogue of the heart, drives us to work more, play less, and compete for survival. The brain will push the human body well past healthy limits and then when the body suffers as a result, blame it for incompetence and failure.   I am not disputing that the human mind has an essential part to play as a receiver, but when the wisdom of the heart does not come into play…well, you are only using a limited aspect of the body, mind and spirit connection. You aren’t operating with a full deck, if you will. Clearly the consequences of this are numerous, with the most dire being life threatening illness.    

In “The Heart’s Code”, Dr. Pearsall eloquently speaks to the profound insight that the human heart conveys to us. “The heart knows that success cannot be pursued but must ensue as a result of a more gentle, balanced, caring, connected, and loving orientation to the world. The heart knows that there are many environmental factors that are intransigent and beyond anyone’s control. It knows that some life obstacles are put there because they cannot be overcome and because they can teach us to stop trying and start being.”*  In other words, the brain receives the information that outside stimuli conveys, and the heart, incorporates the message with the higher knowledge of the soul to create wisdom.

Why would you ever disregard the role of your heart when navigating this world? 

While on many levels, survival has been the name of the game for a long time now, humanity’s current shift into a higher consciousness presents us with the opportunity to gradually transform our previous mode of understanding and interacting with the world to a more balanced, heart-centered perspective.  And this is long over due. 

In, “The Heart’s Code”, Dr. Pearsall provides five main traps or fallacies that the brain creates without the intelligence of the heart which really resonated with me.  I list them below along with my interpretation of each:

“Victimization”* – The brain believes that when something unpleasant happens in our life, that we are victims and there must be someone to blame.  There isn’t any consideration of taking responsibility for our own actions or inactions, that the experience could be a life lesson for soul growth, or that we create our own reality so no one else is ever to blame.  

“The world is against us”*– The brain believes that life is hard.  The world is a place where all that you can do is survive.  The heart knows that we have chosen all experience for soul growth, and that life happens for you not against you.  

“Hard work always pays off”*– The brain has no understanding of how energy works, nor can it see how situations can play out in the future.  The brain is a receiver.  It only knows the past and how things have been done from that context. The soul, which is accessed through the heart, has the higher knowledge of the future.  The heart knows various forms of reality creation and energetic alchemy to get what we want or where we want to go. As such, the brain believes the ONLY WAY to get something is by working hard.  Period.  Yet, this is not truth.   

“I can change people”* – The brain has the perspective, without the higher knowledge of the heart, that we can change people.  The truth is that we cannot change people.  This is not possible because of the fundamental nature of reality.  We all live in our own energetic bubble.  The only change possible is within us.  When we choose to see someone from the perspective of unconditional love, the other person either shifts their vibration because of the raising of our own or the other person’s behavior no longer bothers us….because we see them through love and know that no one else can affect our lives unless we allow them to…no one can limit us, unless we choose it.  WE are the creators of our experience.   

“Frustration means aggression”* – The brain doesn’t recognize the choice of our experience.  It is very literal in its understanding.   So, if used without the heart, the brain believes that we must react to anything that upsets us.  We must shout, defend, and cause upset towards our perceived opponent.  The heart recognizes that there is never a reason to defend or cause harm.  Hold the vibration of unconditional love, which is truly the only way to love and honor yourself, and watch as that frequency dissolves the illusion of separation that the situation holds.  Choose your perspective.   Choose Love.  

This concept of choosing love is further illustrated through Pearsall’s assertion of the role our physical eyes play in deciphering our reality.  Pearsall states that “one way the heart uses the brain to help it drink in its energy” is through the pupil of the eye.*

“Like cosmic black holes that suck in all the energy around them, the black hole in the middle of the eye is where energy passes to the retina, to the occipital area of the brain; pulsates as info-energy from the heart throughout the body system; and is ultimately stored as a cellular memory imprint, or info-energetic love map, left within in every cell in the body.”*  This is another biological discovery that further solidifies the idea that giving ourselves the gift of choice, through the perspective of love, we can transform our life.  It is literally the lense that we choose to see the world which creates our reality.  

There is so much more to say on this subject.  But, this is a beginning.  

I invite you to consider that there is scientific evidence supporting the truth that we are energetic beings inhabiting a body and interpreting our reality.  The highest reality we have the freedom to choose is from the vibration of the soul, which are the emotions that emanate energetically from the heart, and unfiltered allows us to always see from the perspective of love.  These emanations of love create an all-encompassing bubble around you, forming your day to day experience.  

So, weed out fear in your bubble.  Create your bubble of Love.  And watch reality transform to your highest JOY. 

* Source: “The Heart’s Code”, Dr. Paul Pearsall

4 thoughts on “The Human Heart – Creating Your Bubble 

    1. My pleasure! You can buy it in softcover but it’s now free on kindle. I had a copy but have given it to my parents to read. I went to buy it on the kindle app so that I could refer to it for this post, but ended up finding it for free. I am not sure if you know about the book browser in the upper right hand corner within the kindle app. If you click on it, you can search for any free titles that Amazon is providing. And “The Heart’s Code” was there! I am guessing because it was published in 1998, it’s now free. But the wisdom within is priceless…I hope that you enjoy it!


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