At some point, I discovered that I was not viewing reality from the perspective which actually creates it. 

If you wait for life to validate you, affirm who you really are, or be your highest joy before you believe and know that you are worthy of it, you are not creating in the order in which energy flows and therefore will be disappointed by the results.  Reality is waiting for you.  

“Seeing is believing” is not truly how reality works.  Scratch that and reverse the order. You must know and believe the reality before you are able to see it.  So, believing is seeing. 

I have tested this idea in my own life and it works every time. The challenge is retraining your mind to get out of its own way. 

Your ego has difficulty with this concept because it is accustomed to viewing what is and then basing your emotions on the reflection.  So, like any new skill, you practice this new way of thinking until your ego relaxes and it becomes a more natural and trusted understanding.  I have practiced this and continue to do so.  If I notice something in my life that isn’t the way I prefer it to be, I remind myself that I must believe it to be that way already.  So I transcend the physical world and see anything that “needs to be fixed” from the perspective of wholeness. 

For example, when our garage was damaged by a fire and needed to be rebuilt, I practiced seeing the garage from the understanding that it was still able to be used to house our bikes and tools, and we were still able to live very comfortably with it as is.  The drywall, garage door and electricity would be nice to have, but not necessary.  I envisioned the garage as already rebuilt, and complete and whole.  And, eventually the garage was rebuilt.  Was it a welcomed luxury when it occurred?  Yes, without a doubt.  But I made the choice to not have to have it to be any particular way to find peace and joy within.  I let go of the need for the outside circumstances to look a certain way to be happy, while I envisioned the beauty of the end results.  And then poof, it was done!  

I am now able to catch myself when I start to fall back into the pattern of basing my emotions on the circumstances in my reality. It takes practice, though.  And patience with yourself. Even if all that you can do is just quiet your mind to a neutral state, you are better off than defaulting into lack, victimhood, sadness or unworthiness. 

If I have difficulty feeling abundant, for example, in the moment, I turn my attention to anything that will buoy my overall state of being.  Because, it’s not so much the specific thoughts that you have as much as your overall state of being or frequency that attracts each moment that you create. If you have doubts about one area of your life that you can’t quite feel the emotions you want yet, then refocus your attention to the areas of your life that are working, even if you are reveling in the fact that you are alive and breathing. It distracts your mind from the negativity and prevents your emotions in general from spiraling downward.  

We have been trained to be problem solvers.  And we are naturally inclined to have our problems repeating on auto play in our minds until we find a solution.  

This presents an even bigger issue when we cannot find a solution to the problem.  The key in this trap is to find any area in your life where you CAN FIND WHOLESNESS. It doesn’t matter how small or insignificant it seems.  And it’s not ignoring reality. Don’t worry, you won’t forget about whatever issue is plaguing you. But, you cannot find the solution from an emotional death spiral.  You won’t be able to see it from that perspective, even if there is one.  Your mind needs to take a step back, focus on anything that feels good, and allow time and space to reveal to you the answer.  

Whether your problem is a material or physical aspect of your life that needs fixing, an uncomfortable relationship, or a job which plagues you with misery, these energetic steps work to resolve all matters.  

The first step is to find neutrality, so that you cease the repetitive negative thoughts in your head, which only bring you more of the same.  

The next step is to practice knowing that you are an eternal soul who can never be diminished, so no matter what happens, you can maintain a peaceful and loving vibration.  You don’t NEED it to be a certain way to feel whole.  And while you are working on finding this perspective, distract yourself by focusing on what IS working in your life.  It doesn’t matter how trivial you perceive it to be.  

And finally, envision what this circumstance will look like, as if the change has already occurred.  Feel the wholeness and completion.  How would you feel?  Revel in that vibration.  Drink it in.  

In essence, humanity has been viewing their reality in the reverse order from which it is created.  You cannot achieve anything from the perspective of broken or lack.  Reality is created from within first. And we are never lacking or broken.  It’s only a choice to perceive it that way.  

The truth is that much of what we deem as a need, although a bonus to have, prevents us from experiencing the richness of each moment and the wholeness inherent in our existence.  If it’s outside of us, we don’t need it to be complete.  To find Joy and Love.  This is the secret. Find the jewel of your soul, regardless of the outside circumstances.   Live and Love from that perspective.  And you will see your internal vibration emanate throughout reality, transforming all that you see to your highest Joy. 

As usual, love is the answer.  

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