We are all deserving of everything.  

Every Joy, Love, Experience. It’s all a part of this journey and we are more than worthy of it.  Our inner being or soul knows this. So, when you are in the position of wanting, or desiring something external that you can’t afford and then go to a place of resentment because you feel as though you deserve this item or service, know that you are indeed worthy of all and everything. Hold space for that. 

And yet, whenever you don’t have something that you want, it’s not that you don’t deserve it.  It’s that you deserve more.  

We, as souls, have come here for the experience.  We knew this experience would allow us to know ourselves on a deeper, more profound level.  The experience and subsequent learning is not only our highest priority, but also our richest reward.

So, you can really think of the external “stuff” as a perk, the icing on the cake, the fluff, the window dressing…but its not the point in and of itself…it’s not the purpose or reason for being here…..And, at a certain point, the window dressing becomes a distraction.  Whether it be opulent vacations, weekly manicure trips, cars, houses or stuff….humanity has lost itself in the illusion.  We have cast aside our original intent and the real quest to know our inner world for the short-term “fix” of the fluff.  

Often, these trappings hold us hostage to maintaining a lifestyle, the should’s and the have to’s, the chasing of the material..and you are left with the emptiness that goes hand in hand with attempting to find peace, joy and love through the external world.  You cannot find it there. 

It’s like getting on the NJ Turnpike North with the hope of arriving in Mexico.  You cannot and will not get there.  Stop.  Hang a u-turn.  Go within.  

And maybe this isn’t a new message…you most likely have heard this before.  I know that I had.

But the real message is that we deserve more than the “stuff”.  We can certainly have it, but we are worthy of so much more. 

The “stuff” is not the aim, goal or real reward.  The path is the experience and the reward is an ongoing awakening to the absolute brilliance of your soul.  

So, when you feel as though you are wanting on a material level, and you don’t receive…know that this is your higher self loving you so completely, that it won’t placate you with the short-term solution of the external….

You deserve more…

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