All of the lessons that I have learned over the years always come back to one profound truth for me. 

The peace that we seek begins with our conscious decision to CHOOSE this within.  

So, how does this relate to day-to-day reality?

Well, the truth is that we create our reality with our focus, but this takes practice.  In the beginning, you are maneuvering through a reality that you created without conscious awareness.  Many of your unconscious creations are already set in motion and with too much momentum to bypass or shift.  So, you move through each moment in a conscious manner, taking with you the learning from each experience. However, you are now also moving forward with the knowledge that your current vibration, focus, and intent is creating your future (future nows).  So, it is paramount to greet each encounter from the reality you intend to create – do your best to stay centered in Peace, Love and Joy – for that is the vibration which creates all that you seek. And, gradually, you move through all of the debris of your unconscious creations, which brings you to the point of really and truly molding your life to your grandest desires.

However, keep in mind, that your higher self (which is you) holds an unencumbered view of exactly which path to follow on your journey towards Joy.   We know what we want, but do not know exactly how to get there. The physical mind is not yet capable of knowing or seeing how to transcend our physical reality to bring us to the peace we desire.  So, we end up trying to control and manipulate ourselves and others…..but it’s all in vain.  

The path is only illuminated when we move beyond what we are seeing and envelope ourselves in peace.  You do not need to know HOW you are going to achieve what you are after.  That is the job of the soul.  Your job is to keep your vibration or state of being firmly rooted in Peace and Love.  

This peaceful state of knowing that all is well, regardless of what it LOOKS like, allows your higher self or soul to guide you towards the ultimate destination of JOY.   

So, take your hands off of the steering wheel with the intention that your soul will guide you….maintain and choose Peace within in each moment…and observe how the miracles unfold.  


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