Sameness isn’t something that is necessary to be accepted.  Each and every human has a unique energy we planned to bring to this world. And, although we have explored the idea of “fitting in” to be loved and be a part of certain families, groups, clubs, societies and cultures, it is truly LOVE that is the common thread that weaves us through the fabric of our existence.  And only LOVE.  We need nothing more.

So, although you may feel that you need to be a certain way to receive acceptance, it is only the honoring of yourself which creates the reflection of being loved.  In other words, your outside reality is the mirror reflecting the love you have for yourself.

I know that doesn’t sound real to anyone who has not yet tested this concept.  It didn’t sound “legit” to me either.  But then, I was in a situation whereby my best option was to test it.

A few years ago, I was the only member of my family who had a true awareness of my higher self, my soul.  I had awoken to that truth.  And, because of this new perspective, I began to live and express myself in more heart-centered way.

Often though, when you make this switch in perspective, everything around you appears to be “a mess”.  It’s a bit like cleaning out a closet.  You have to pull everything out….throw some stuff in the garbage, give other stuff away, and reorganize the rest…then you can return the contents to the closet.  That in-between time, when everything is on your bed and bedroom floor, and it looks like a bigger mess than when you started…..that’s kind of what my life looked like.

So, clearly, I had a few family members concerned for my well-being.  Word on the street was that I had joined a cult or lost my mind.  I spent some time trying to rectify this concern by attempting to explain my perspective and “get them to see” my new understanding….ehhhhhhhhh, no…..didn’t work.

So, plan B, which should have been plan A…but we live and learn…was to love myself and watch the reflection change.  At first, though, I wasn’t quite there with “loving myself” and only embracing the concept TO GET THE REFLECTION TO CHANGE.  But that doesn’t work either.

You just have to love yourself without any strings attached and for no other purpose.  And for many people that takes some time and patience to shift perspectives.  Quite frankly, many of us don’t even know that we CAN love ourselves.  I didnt’t.

So, in time, I did learn to love myself…and while I was learning self-love, I just didn’t pay any attention to the mirror.  Miraculously, after months and months of letting go of the whole subject, I noticed that my family’s view of me began to change.  New sprouts of hope began to blossom.  I turned inward to observe that I had finally found my way to self-love.  And then, my family began to call me for my perspective on various issues going on in their life.  They wanted my help because they had observed the positive changes in my life and wanted guidance in their own.  And I was honored. Now my gorgeous family members are individually gaining their own awareness of their soul essence….miracles within this crowd have become a much more common occurrence.

But the moral to the story isn’t about the reflection.  It’s about you.

Your soul is your flashlight, illuminating your path towards everything you want…everything you desire, but with a richness and splendor beyond your own expectations or imagination.  Turn it on.

Forget about being like anyone or everyone else.  Be YOU.  Love YOU.  Forget about “fitting in”.  Forget about “driving the right car”, “living in the right house” or “wearing the right clothes”.  The heck with having “the right” anything.  Newsflash.  It doesn’t exist!

If you love yourself and someone questions your individuality, they just haven’t released themselves from the self-imposed prison of sameness…so, by you expressing your true essence without apology, you are showing them that it can be done…you are showing them that there is another option.

So, turn on your flashlight and beam it out to the world…be YOU, love YOU….follow YOUR LIGHT.  Don’t dim your light in fear of acceptance.  Allow y0urself to be seen in all of your glory.



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