An expression which has been around for awhile in some form or another is “consider the source”.  And I propose that it’s time to relinquish some of these outdated expressions to coincide with the maturity of consciousness. 

Much like when you were a kid, you would alter your expressions from the second grade to the third grade or grade school to middle school to high school.  As you grew up, you adapted to new expressions and ideas which better reflected the evolution of you.

I see my children do this. What was once the coolest, most cutting edge expression is quickly replaced by a new idea which displayed their new maturity. They had graduated in to the next level of coolness and they giggled at their younger sibling, who still uses these old phrases because they had not yet “matured” to the next level of understanding.  

I propose that “consider the source” could be replaced for “consider the feel”, which redirects our consciousness from the outside appearances and societal belief systems of “what is right” to the heart center of each unique individual. How does the information provided FEEL to you?  Does it resonate?  Could it be your truth or some version of your beliefs?  

In my quest to know myself, I have listened to and read from a myriad of sources, which I previously may have dismissed. Especially in this new realm of consciousness humanity is exploring, you encounter so much “channeled” information.   

I know and believe that channelling is a legitimate source of knowledge.  We are actually channelling all of the time when we are creating – all art forms facilitate this state –  or when we have inspiration in any form.  When you still your logical brain it allows the higher mind to bring through inspiration. This is channelling.  Remember the physical mind cannot come up with new ideas – it only knows experience from the past. It’s the higher mind that is responsible for new knowledge.  

If you look back at the paradigm shifting inventions, technology, scientific and medical discoveries,  and creative expression, it was all borne from someone channelling knowledge.  Many of the deemed “geniuses” have mentioned this state of being as a catalyst for bringing forth this information. And often, before they were deemed a genius, the knowledge or expression they brought forth was considered “crazy” and “not possible”, until humanity embraced new possibilities. And then swiftly these people transformed from “crazy” to “genius”.

So, when I listen to the various courageous humans who are brave enough to put themselves out there and speak their truth in the face of uncertainty and scrutiny of their public reception, I focus on how the message FEELS.  Not what the person looks like or from where the information is derived.  I steer away from analyzing the outside appearances or physical expression, go into my heart center and check in with the emotional understanding that I am receiving.  I hold onto what works for ME and let the rest go. 

So, I suggest moving on from “consider the source” because it limits humanity’s ability to evolve. It dismisses the message based on outer appearances and societal ideas of normalcy that I believe we have outgrown.  

I encourage everyone to relax the previous held ideas of what is possible and acceptable, to allow the geniuses of our future to quickly transform the now. If we are indeed learning from our past experiences, we would implement a new strategy of allowing all knowledge to be fully considered within before it is tossed aside based upon the belief that it does not flow with the norm. We are graduating in consciousness and as such the inflow of boundary pushing ideas, knowledge and expressions is inherently the new norm.  Embrace the feeling.  Open up to the new. Let the Light in.  

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