My thirteen year old son, Will, looked over at me with his large, reflective brown eyes the other night in the middle of studying for a final exam and asked, “Mom, what will happen if I don’t get a good grade on this test?”

I responded, “Will, you know the answer to this question…”

My son feigns the ignorance of someone, who merely wants to hear his mom say the words, releasing him from the self-imposed chains of worry.

“What?”, Will asks urging me to relinquish him.  As if I am lifeboat who will carry him home…

So, I oblige, but not with feelings of being “put upon”.  I absolutely live for a moment just like this.  It was a spiritual layup.  I am Dwyane Wade and all eyes are on me as I deliver the ball to the net.  Reminding someone of their Divinity brings me unending Joy. I feel a connection to the other person and all of humanity which is beyond words. 

That said, although my children are open to all perspectives, they are not always in the mood for mine, so I reserve my views for these instances.  I observe, seek and find, openings in reality, that allow me the opportune moment to share Truth with my children and all who are willing to listen.  And, Will most definitely needed a reprieve.

“What!  Are you going to allow a test to quantify your worth?  Nothing is going to happen…You know that in your heart…There isn’t a test on earth that could or you should let define you.  You are so much more than that.”  I could hear the imaginary fans in the crowd applaud for both of us.

Will looked at me with the expression of relief and “yep, that’s what I thought, I’m good”.  Said not a word.  And went on with his night buoyed by an ease that we all deserve to feel every moment of every day.  

You are God in a body having a physical experience on Earth.  We are literally fractals of All-That-Is.  Can you define God?  God is….

So do not pigeon hole yourself, quantify, qualify, measure, compare…..don’t relegate yourself to a box or smallness….YOU ARE SO MUCH MORE!

No matter how you feel in this moment, you are a DIVINE BEING. No one is excluded from this Truth.  Let this understanding sit with you and feel the resonance deep within.  You are….EVERYTHING.

2 thoughts on “Do you know who you are?

  1. Jennifer you are so right in. Will was so lucky at that moment to have a mother that could
    be the voice of reality. Nice work mon and Will.

    Liked by 1 person

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