If you are having feelings of lack, not enough, fear, or unworthiness, you are experiencing your essence, which is the vibration of love, distorted through a filter or a belief system which you hold.  

Although I would imagine that you would prefer to relinquish this belief system for another which is more supportive, there is absolutely nothing wrong with experiencing these feelings. You came here to do just that. Experience separation and all that is not a representation of the vibration of Love, only to  understand the journey of the return to yourself.  Do you know how courageous all of humanity is to have chosen this?  

So, when you have feelings that represent fear, honor them as part of the journey.  Validate these feelings because if you do not give them credence, then you cannot move beyond them.  And then observe all emotional states of being as the compass, pointing you in the direction of becoming more of yourself. 

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