I have found that one of the most valuable tools, in both reality creation as well as understanding the way energy flows, is “simplicity”.  Why, you ask?  Because the solution is always found in the vibration of Love.  And Love is always simple. 

When I first tried to wrap my head around that truth, my ego cried out, “You are crazy!  It cannot be that simple!”.  I could find every “logical” reason why my “problems” did not have easy solutions.  You see, humanity’s collective ego construct centers around the idea that all solutions MUST BE complicated, difficult, and hard work.  The belief system is “if the answer is simple, it will not work”.  However, Steffany Barton, the woman who mentored me in the understandings of energy, always guided me back to ease and simplicity.  I would present to her the scenario which I wanted to resolve with great emotion of hardship, and expecting the resolution to be equally complex.  Yet time and time again, Steffany would redirect my focus back to fundamental truths, which offered a straightforward and effortless unraveling to any quandary. 

And, although I now consciously seek out solutions centered around these simple truths, that was not always the case.  When I tell you that my ego “kicked up a stink” about the uncomplicated answers to anything I wanted to change, I am being kind to myself.  Really.  I had thoughts of, “Those solutions may work in someone elses’s life, but certainly not in mine”, “In theory those ideas sound lovely, but I live in the ‘real’ world where life is hard and complex” and on and on!  And during particularly difficult periods the self-talk would say, “See!  I told you that you were a failure!”.  Ugh!  I was, at times, barely able to be with myself!  Your ego has been trained to dismiss anything that isn’t arduous and elaborate.  And because my ego was no exception, I spent a great deal of time “doing it my way” and spinning my wheels.  Meanwhile, all along, I had the answer key – simple, fundamental truths – sitting quietly in my lap, waiting patiently for me to even consider them as a possibility.  How could I approach my issues with those answers, though?  They were so unadorned?  Where was all of the pomp and circumstance?  Where was all that complexity with which I usually tackled problems?  Despite the fact that the complexity never actually resolved anything, it had flair and pizzazz!  Complicated gave my ego the satisfaction it was looking for…yet my life became a bad version of the movie, “Groundhog Day”, and I just wanted to quit the script.

These fundamental truths, that I now use and live on a daily basis, are all rooted in the vibration of Love, and involve concepts such as alignment, allowance, acceptance, authenticity, forgiveness, compassion, balance, patience, integrity, self-honesty, self-awareness, self-responsibility, and self-love.  And, when applied to your life with consistency and ease, they are THE MOST POWERFUL ANTIDOTE to any confusion or chaos.  These truths are also inspiration for the tag line of this website, “Love is the answer”, as they have quietly transformed my entire existence.  

The vibration of Love is dramatically underestimated because it elicits thoughts of hearts, balloons and fantasy.  Ah, but that is the paradox.  Don’t be fooled by this representation, for Love is where true power lies.  The use of the vibration of Love is not what you would call a “quick fix”, because “the slower you go, the faster you get there”.  However, Love, when invited in, will abolish all fear, build an impenetrable , unshakeable inner peace for all who will allow it, and leave a full-body experience of Joy in its wake.  Yet, all without fanfare or drama.  This is a frequency when applied with intent and consistency, that will resolve all earthly predicaments, heal the sick, feed the hungry and bring the scariest, heart-hardened human to his knees in tears of joy.  I know I may sound a bit dramatic, and quite frankly I have had that tendency in the past when I am passionate about something, but the vibration is JUST THAT POWERFUL.  And I have the real-life experience to back it up!

Love is quiet, subtle, simple and yet…..the answer. 

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