My sister, Heather, and I were talking about a visual to help better understand how our vibration, which is composed of our beliefs, perspectives and understandings of what we have experienced in our life, creates our reality.

I brought up the idea of a magnet as an illuminating picture.  Whereby, you are the magnet attracting all that is a reflection of your current energetic signature or vibration. Heather gave further detail to the visualization as she saw the magnet giving off waves of energy that elicited and formed mirrored waves of energy in your reality.  So, the magnet, which is you, gives off an energy which pulls in magnetic particles of the same resonance, which is your life and that which you attract for learning purposes.

You can use the reflection as a template to further understand  what you are creating, by looking into and gaining a deeper sense  of that which you do not prefer.  I have made this process a daily exercise to the point that it’s like breathing for me.  When I first started, I would be discouraged and judge myself. Or, I would be angry and frustrated at the lesson. But, I quickly realized that all of that defeats the purpose.  So I gradually came to the understanding that if I wanted to move forward with empowerment and change, I needed to find a different perspective.

Instead, I learned to drop into observer mode, through the recognition that the reflection is a tool, not a report card, to guide us towards more of what we want.  It’s all lessons and learning, so I eventually relinquished judgement and all of the ego reactions.  I find that the process of forming a picture in your mind really facitilitates grounding and integrating the concept.  I encourage you to come up with and personalize your own idea of the dynamics.

I would love to say that my personal journey was all “hearts and balloons” but that wouldn’t be the truth.  It takes patience, courage, faith and brutal self-honesty.  The upside to the process, though, is that it provides me with freedom and joy beyond anything I have ever believed possible. 😍

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