Scientific studies have PROVEN that there is no separation between humanity, the physical world and even the universe. Everything, and I do mean everything, is connected.  This is not a metaphor or a figurative perspective. This is literal.

We and all matter consist of particles of energy vibrating at various speeds to create the illusion of a physical experience.  It can be thought of as a virtual reality game. The awareness within your body, which can be felt with more impact when your eyes are closed and your mind is quiet, is you. That eternal, infinite aspect of consciousness is projected into the biological “costume” called a physical body to give you the EXPERIENCE of living on planet earth and all that it entails.  So, it’s your own personal, biological, virtual reality vehicle.

So, ALL THAT YOU EXPERIENCE, is within you.   Your interactions with others are entirely based upon YOUR BELEFS, UNDERSTANDINGS  AND PERSPECTIVES.  And, all experiences are neutral until you assign meaning to them.  Typically this meaning is derived from what you have viewed occur in the past. However the physical mind is not meant to know how something can resolve itself in the future.  It’s only your higher self/soul that can see how it can play out differently. And, the deciding factor in what happens in the future is what perspective you choose to take. So the physical mind knows the past, and the soul knows the future and all that is possible.  If you can relax your ego/logical mind enough to allow the higher self to do its job, which is guide you towards joy, then you have accessed the sweet spot of creating your own reality.

For example, when you choose to see someone from the perspective of fear and feel sad for their predicament, YOU are creating that reality. And, will watch the situation play out with that lens.  However, you have the CHOICE to see the “God” within everyone and KNOW that they are being guided by their soul/higher self, just like you. And, when you choose THIS perspective, you will experience an entirely different reality – one of empowerment – whereby the other person moves through the lessons they are experiencing and towards the joy that they seek. It is literally all a decision that YOU make about the perspective you choose and the reality you experience.

So, when you see someone struggling and you dive into worrying, controlling, enabling, manipulating, coercing and all synonyms affiliated with lack and fear, it is akin to spitting into the wind.  IT DOESN’T WORK!  Try it for yourself. I have and this is why I share this perspective.

The fastest and only method of helping others is to heal yourself.  And you do this by aligning with the truth that you and all of humanity is an aspect of God/All that is/Source.  There are no experiences thrust upon us because we are victims of circumstance.  Rather, all experiences are opportunities to learn more about who we are and move us towards living in the joy of who we truly are. Of course, show compassion to, support, give kindness to, allow, and accept others, because that is you being you, rooted in Love and Truth. But, if you look at someone as broken, you are perpetuating the exact perspective which you want to resolve. More specifically, we are never broken. We are experiencing brokenness to move us away from what we don’t want and towards what we do.  And as you continue to know, heal and love yourself, because there is no separation, the people in your life are naturally progressing on the path with you. It’s just the way that energy moves. And there isn’t debate or theory about that truth. It’s scientific fact.

One final note: Everything that I write about both in this post and all of my posts, I have personally experienced. I have played out and tested in my own life. And, I share all that I have learned in hopes that you can be supported on your own journey with this knowledge. That said, I also know that this is my perspective, and all perspectives are valid.

But, please, always remember, always keep in your heart, that we are all infinite, eternal beings having an experience called “life”.  No one is ever or can ever be diminished. No matter the curcumstance, your light shines on.đź’›

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