I love Meghan Trainor’s recently released album, “Thank you”.  The feeling of this album reminds me of what I believe to be a shifting paradigm.  It is my perspective that it is time to bring more balance to the overlying energies of humanity.  For a while now, the dominant energies tended to be of a more masculine nature.  This is not a man versus woman discussion,  as we all have both what would be considered “male” and “female” energies within us in some proportion.  But, from an overarching perspective, male energies of action, dominance, aggression, logic, and individuality have been more representative of humanity.  While more female oriented energies such as stillness, being, allowance, nurturing, patience and unity have taken a backseat.

I believe that we are now entering a new paradigm whereby the “Goddess or Female” energies will take center stage along with the “God or Male” energies to create a more balanced approach to all that we do and all that we are.  It is time.

To that end, I am seeing signs everywhere of the Goddess energies rising from the ashes.  This is why I am truly enjoying Meghan Trainor’s new album.  With songs such as, “Woman Up”, “I Love Me”, “No”, and “MOM”, it is clear to me that this album is supporting a new perspective, bringing forth the aspects of humanity that are begging to be revitalized – creating a much needed balance for both men and women.

Photocredit: Idolator.com

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