The choices we make and the perspectives we hold form the blueprint for the reality we create.  The choices at a fundamental level are love or fear.  I implore you to choose love.  Always.

This choice of love or fear is the cornerstone of reality creation.   And I would like to provide a more concrete and literal perspective, so I will give you a few examples of what I have experienced and how this translates into my life.
As with most people, my world is in constant change and evolution.  The actual transition from what I don’t prefer to what I do prefer can often appear messy, chaotic or disorganized.  However, what it “looks” like I have learned is only circumstance.  The key component is actually what it “feels” like.  It requires the ability to see beyond the physical and all of its perceived flaws to view the love inherent and pervasive in all that we do and all that we are.  And, there is a part of you that will resist this, and will tell you that nothing has changed and that your world is falling apart.  But that just isn’t true or real.

So at first, when I witnessed the chaos in my life, but I knew that I wanted to be aligned with truth and love, I felt fear. Maybe I had been mistaken in my quest to know myself, face my darkest fears and resolve all that I didn’t prefer in my life with love?   I was learning about and implementing various aspects of love such as choosing compassion and forgiveness instead of judgement, empowerment instead of victimization, truth instead of manipulation and love instead of fear, to transform what was not working for me.  However, the first reflections of this change looked like everything was falling apart.

However, thanks to my trusted friend and mentor, Steffany Barton, I stayed the course.  I continued to delve into the scariest aspects of my life.  I focused on healing myself within.  And, most importantly, I reminded myself daily to focus on the wholeness in each and every situation.  When part of my home had been damaged and rendered uninhabitable by fire, I shifted my attention to the parts of my home that were not damaged and continued to provide shelter for us.  When I couldn’t keep up with the daily workload of laundry, cleaning, and clutter, I chose to see the love of and for my family underlying all of the mess.  When I could barely afford to buy groceries, I chose to look at the food that we did have and expressed gratitude for having a meal.  And when my husband questioned and struggled with choices that I was making, I reminded myself that in each and every moment, I was now aligned with integrity in regards to making decisions in my life that were honoring my soul.  So, when I saw the truth and wholeness….when I came from that perspective and consistently chose love, gradually and miraculously my life began to transform from chaos to peace, joy and love.

We are truly beings of love exploring life on earth.  From my experience, the only aspect of reality, that is true and real, is love.  I know we are, now more than ever, seeing all aspects of reality show up.  All that needs to be shifted in the world, and all that appears broken, is coming up now and asking to be healed through love.  I can tell you that I have witnessed firsthand the difference between embracing truth and love to resolve conflict versus attempting to force or manipulate change through anything that is not love.  And the force or power of love is more powerful in affecting change than any other means.  In fact, I would go so far as to say that there is no other way but through love to transform the fear and confusion that permeates our world at the moment.

So, go ahead and choose love in all aspects of your life.  My experience is that love is the most powerful force in the universe, and figuratively speaking, capable of transmuting base metal into gold.  As I see it there are only two choices.  Love or fear.  Choose love.  You will not be disappointed.


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