Once you understand that you can literally shape and mold your reality to your highest joy and excitement, it becomes your personal mission to take complete responsibility for everything in your life.  You have an epiphany, if you will, that you do not need to manipulate, force, or coerce anyone to do or be anything to actually create a reality that you love. The process is simply a combination of self-love, first and foremost, self-awareness or self-understanding of all that you are creating, and finally self-responsibility. And once again, because I find this format very helpful in solidifying and “seeing” the process, I will put it in an algebraic equation:

A= Self-Love

B = Self-Awareness

C = Self-Responsibility

D = The life that you want filled with Joy, Peace and Love

Equation: A + B + C = D

So A is “Self-Love”.  I wrote a post called “Rocking your Inner Goddess” last week and it touched upon ideas about where to start with this concept.  This is the foundation for healing. It’s where you create and hone an energy of understanding that you deserve as much love as you give to everyone else.  Self-love is honoring your body, your mind and your soul. It is remembering that there are no mistakes, but rather everything is lessons and learning, that your body is a sacred vessel to experience the physical, and that you are worthy of unending LOVE.  Now I understand that this is a big leap sometimes as most of us were not necessarily taught that understanding, but it is TRUTH.  So, just start slow and easy.  Take your time and release all judgement because it’s a shift that is necessary but requires practice.

The next variable, which is labeled B, in my equation is “Self-Awareness”. This, like the other variables, is also a process. Knowing yourself asks for the courage to look at ALL of yourself through the eyes of a higher vantage point.  We all have had life experiences that created various belief systems.  Some of these beliefs, though, are not necessarily serving your highest good.  However, self-awareness is looking at all aspects of yourself without judgement and as the observer.  Leave the ego aspect out of the equation, so that you can see what is real and true.  This vantage point allows you to choose the beliefs that are supportive to YOU and to release the ideas that keep you stuck in repetitive patterns.  As I was going through this process, I was very surprised by certain ideas that I maintained and how they influenced my day to day life.  I asked myself questions such as:

Where am I giving my power away?

Where am I judging myself and others?

How do I unconsciously seek to control instead of allow?

I am of the belief that self-awareness is truly a journey that never ends.  In fact, it is the journey.  But, when you face yourself with 100% honesty and recognize your fears and self-limiting beliefs, you begin to dismantle anything that holds you back from giving and receiving love, and open up to an unlimited amount of JOY.

Finally, variable C, “Self-Responsibility”, is the knowing that you create your reality, so everything that you experience is a choice on some level.  And therefore, the most empowering decision is to take responsibility for all of it.  Responsibility has the connotation of burden or adding more work to your life, when in truth, it frees you from much of the efforting you already do.  Responsibility is more accurately “the ability to respond”.  So, once you are firmly on the path of practicing self-love and self-awareness, you have the perfect platform to take responsibility for all aspects of your life.  And, that is when you take your power back in any areas where you have given it away.  Although some of the reflections you see in your life are difficult, please don’t judge yourself.  Refrain from the usual reaction of anger at yourself or anyone else and observe how you can view the situation differently from an empowered perspective.  It has been my experience that all the reflections circle you back to self-love and self-awareness.  Meaning, I ask myself these questions for example:

If I see this in my reality, and I am responsible for all of it, what needs to be shifted within?

Is this showing me an area where I am not yet willing to love myself?

Is this showing me a judgement that I make about myself or others?  What does that judgement look like and how can I shift this perspective?

So at some point this concept of self-love plus self-awareness + self-responsibility becomes your default way of living.  Whereby, you take responsibility for situations as they occur and then circle back to your self-love and self-awareness to weed out, hone, nurture, and tweak.  But the gratification, once you start this process, of watching the pieces of the puzzle of your life begin to come together is almost immediate and buoys your desire to keep going on this journey.

Remember to release all judgements you have about facing all aspects of yourself.  And, any fears that you still hold are truly illusion and paper thin.  It’s the idea of not looking at them that holds you hostage.  Look at them and release them as  what you no longer prefer to experience.  Finally, part of the process will ask you to look at the “shoulds”, “musts” and “have to’s”.  Those ideas are societal constructs created by the past and hold no power over you unless you decide otherwise.  Let them all go, experience freedom and receive joy.

Those perceived imperfections or wounds you hold are actually the cracks where the light shines through.  Let in the Light.

All My Love.

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