The idea of self-love just wasn’t a concept that  I truly understood. It was something that I had been exposed to and told to do before on many occasions.  However, I did not hold this concept as a high priority because I did not understand two very important ideas:

1. How do you love yourself?  What does that feel like? What does that mean?


2. Why is this so important?  How does this affect my reality?  How does this help others?

But now I understand!!!!  Self-love is truly the foundation for healing.  When you show yourself the respect and love which you give to others, it’s akin to the metamorphosis of the caterpillar changing into a butterfly. Because our reality is a reflection of our vibration, or ideas and beliefs, when you choose to love yourself, you create a life that demonstrates just that.  In algebraic equation form, it could be written as follows:

A= You

B= Showing yourself Love

C = A life or reality whereby all that you encounter and all of your interactions demonstrate the Love that you show yourself.

So, A + B = C

And it really is that simple. The most challenging part is figuring out what that means for you and your life. Some general ideas that I use are:

1. Speak to yourself with kindness and understanding.

2.  Listen to the undertone of what you are saying to yourself

Are you being patient with yourself or pushing yourself to achieve all and be all to everyone?  Are you your own personal drill sargent?  I know I was.

3.  Take the time to nourish your body with food with life force

Make this a priority rather than something you do only if you have time.

4.  Add vitamins and supplements to your daily routine.

5.   Rest when you are tired

Even if you feel like the world will fall apart without you. Just rest. Even fifteen minutes makes a difference.

6.  Meditate

Meditation, I believe, very often gets a bad rap and is commonly misunderstood.  You don’t have to sit yogi-style every day if that doesn’t work for you. Yes, that’s one option. Set a timer on your phone, put on music or not, light a candle or don’t.

It really doesn’t matter the circumstances. It’s just about quieting your mind from the racing thoughts. However that happens for YOU.  So, go out in nature, do something creative, go in your backyard and tend to the garden.  Some people have the ability to do dishes and meditate. It’s just about stilling your mind.  So that the soft, subtle voice of your soul can be heard.  And the more that you practice quieting your mind in ideal conditions, the easier it will be for you to soothe racing thoughts under not-so-ideal situations.  And when you hone that skill, that’s a sweet spot for molding your reality like clay. (More on that in a future post)

7.  Daily stretching and physical exercise

For the stretching, I recommend ideally  morning and night.  Again tailored to your preference.  I do some version of sun and moon salutations, morning and night.  I am also learning more about the Five Tibetan Rites and  Kriya yoga. Here again, though, experiment and personalize according to what works for you. There is no right way. Only the best way for you and that is an ever evolving practice.

8.  Epsom salt baths

I can’t say enough about these.  The key ingredients in Epsom salt is magnesium, sulfur, oxygen and water.  These ingredients are actually four of the most important elements in our body, and yet for various reasons we are most often deficient in these areas.

I take a bath ATLEAST once per week. I fill the tub with Epsom salt as a base and add whatever I have on hand, such as essential oils, MSM powder,  Apple Cider Vinegar, Aloe Vera, Himalayan Rock Salt, and even healing gemstones or crystals. The list goes on. There are so many natural products available now that are inexpensive and so cleansing and nourishing.  Remember, your skin is a sponge, capable of both drawing in nutrients and pushing out toxins. If you can take time atleast once per week to cleanse and nourish in a way that resonates with you, I promise you that over a short period of time you will feel and see a difference in your overall health, your skin, your energy level and your state of mind.  Even my children love to take these baths.  And it’s such a gift to start this routine at a young age.

And don’t forget, if you find music, or music and a candle soothing, then add that.  This is a perfect opportunity to be still and quiet your mind.  I find that this creates space for positive affirmations and/or prayer.  It’s your sacred time to honor your body and your mind.

9.  Coconut oil

I use this for everything and could write a whole book on the uses for this magical oil.  And the benefits are extensive.   I added a link here from for anyone interested in more information about the health benefits and medicinal properties of coconut oil.

So this would is my version of a jumping off point for practicing self-love. Self-love is an inside job, and takes time, but in my experience, I needed some general ideas of where to begin.

Your list might not look like this at all, but as with everything else, there is no one right way.  There is only the way that works for YOU.  The idea behind weekly Epsom salt baths, a daily yoga practice and using coconut oil, is that sometimes you have to “fake it til you make it”. And these are examples of high vibrational practices that are leading you towards incorporating and eventually knowing self-love.  Practice, practic, practice.

The added benefit of this process is that as your learn to love yourself, you will see that this also positively effects and transforms the lives of the people around you. I have seen it first hand. It truly is magical!!!! 💚💚💚💚💚

Ps.  This post could just as easily have been entitled “Rocking Your Inner God”, but as I am a woman, I naturally lean towards the Goddess energy!

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