Up until a few years ago, I didn’t believe that I could draw more than a stick figure.  And I honestly don’t know what led me to delve into creative expression.  But I did.  And I never looked back.  

Now I know that as I divested myself of beliefs and attachments, I had increasing amounts of access to various aspects of my soul.  Furthermore, every time I took time to express myself creatively, I facilitated a state of being within whereby the patterns of thought ceased and a stillness permeated me.  This state of being allowed my soul or higher self to be fully present which not only assisted me in receiving the Joy of expression, but also, gradually healed me on an energetic level.

In other words, when I am creative, my mind is quiet or still.  When your mind is still this allows your soul to permeate you in all ways. And each time you do so, you are gradually resolving anything that needs healing. Oh how I love to create! đź’™

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