“We are not the avatars we create.  We aren’t the pictures on the film stock. We are the light that shines through. All else is smoke and mirrors.  Distracting but not truly compelling.”  Jim Carrey

I absolutely love this quote by Jim Carrey. He made this point along with many other insightful perspectives as the commencement speaker for the Maharishi University of Management, Class of 2014 graduation ceremony. For me, this analogy very effortlessly conveys the dynamics and interaction of each soul and the physical universe. We are all here playing roles in the grand play of life to learn and grow. The physical or material aspects are NOT who you are and therefore should in no way define you. Those details of life provide entertainment through the joys of creation.  However, if this is your highest priority and focus, the true purpose of life takes a backseat.

It is similar to acting a part in a play and focusing more on the costume and scenery than the development and expression of the character. We are not here to acquire material possessions, to attempt to “fit in” by being like everyone else, or to limit ourselves in any way. We are here to observe the limitations and say, “I am an unlimited aspect of creation.  I choose to know this and live this truth through Love.”  So, know that you are more than the physical body that you inhabit, create a life whereby your first priority is honoring your unique light and live in the truth that you are unlimited in the joy that you can experience. 💛

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