“My soul is not contained within the limits of my body, my body is contained within the the limitlessness of my soul” Jim Carrey

If I could instantaneously give one gift to all of humanity, it would be the understanding that you are already perfect. That you need not do, be, prove or attain more to be an eternal, infinite, omnipotent being.  For that is what you already are. You are a beautiful fractal of the Creator, God, your Higher Power (whatever name feels right for you) here on earth exploring limitation to learn more about yourself.   There are no exceptions to this.

I would want everyone in humanity to understand that the universe is a abundant in all ways. And as all humans have access to this abundance, no one needs to manipulate, hurt, or dishonor themselves or anyone else to have whatever it is they want in life. The key to this unlimited potential is to find access to this extraordinary gift within.

All understandings, peace, joy, and abundance lie within…..because as you explore this aspect of yourself, weed out what doesn’t belong to you and and define yourself with the worthiness that you truly deserve, you gain access to the highest wisdom of your soul.  And once you have even the slightest taste of interaction with your soul, you will start to comprehend the beauty of who you truly are.

Years ago, before I started on this path, none of this would have made any sense to me. But a series of events led me on a journey of discovery and now I can no longer imagine living in any other way.  I have watched all aspects of Love (compassion, forgiveness, kindness, acceptance etc), in the most subtle of ways, transform my life. The transformation occurred because I made a conscious choice to live from the higher perspective of my soul as often as possible. And when I didn’t make that choice, I chose to not judge myself, and realigned with my soul. Choosing to align with your soul involves viewing all aspects of your life from the perspective of your true essence.  Meaning, I decided to come from the perspective of wholeness rather than lack, understanding and compassion rather than judgement, empowerment and responsibility rather than victimhood and blame, and unconditional self-love. My logical mind could not have perceived of how these life changes could have occurred.  I would have told you “impossible”. But, I remained loyal to this path, because of my faith and knowing that there is more going on here than what our five senses can perceive and that if I am aligned with my soul I cannot be misled.

For a long time now, we have all been on a path of establishing a worthiness which we already possess.  Humanity, has been distracted by the belief that the external world with all of the material trappings and attainments,  is the solution for the joy, peace and abundance that we all desire.  And that is truly a ruse. It’s the carrot on the end of the stick of  which you never get a bite.   My life is living proof of the power of connecting with your soul – with love.   And this is the actual solution to all that alludes you.  When you have a choice.  Choose Love.  This is the direction on the compass that guides you towards unlimited possibilities. Choose Love.  💙

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