One of my favorite methods in illuminating the underlying basis of our  individual reality is the “mirror analogy”.  I pose this question to myself often when I see something in my life that doesn’t seem to be working because truly mastering this concept is both a practice and an art form.   And the question is, “When you look in the mirror and are frowning, do you ask the mirror to smile or do you smile first and then see this in the reflection?”  It is such a simple concept but truly the polar opposite of how most people were taught to believe life or our reality functions. ALL OF OUR REALITY FUNCTIONS AS  A MIRROR for our inner state of being, judgements and belief systems.  Do not look to your reality for confirmation of who and what you are. You decide who you are. And then, and only then, does your life reflect your greatness. And this is no longer theory.  This has been proven time and time again scientifically.

Everything in our reality is energy.  The energy consists of subatomic particles which are vibrating at various speeds and creates all matter. The faster the vibration, the less dense or the more malleable the matter, and the slower the vibration, the more dense or solid.  The study of energy or the behavior of subatomic particles is called quantumn physics or mechanics and it is truly the future understanding of our universe and how it operates. So, knowing that everything is energy, further studies were conducted showing that our emotions, thought forms, and energetic state of being affects everything in our environment and shapes our experience. A very good example of the effect our emotions have on the world around us is demonstrated through Dr. Emoto’s well known experimentation with water.  Emoto created the scientific proof that water molecules take on a distorted structure when exposed to emotions of fear and then quickly adapt back to their organized, sacred geometric pattern when words rooted in love are spoken near the same molecules.   More complex studies were also done to further show that energy, or the vibration of emotions, is not subject to time and space, but rather through quantumn physics all matter is connected and exists as an overlay to our entire reality. Meaning, there is a continuity to everything that exists.  You could imagine this as though there is a blanket of particles vibrating at various speeds and connecting everything. So, although it appears that we are having a purely physical, individual experience, science has discovered on that their truly is no separation.  The separation is an illusion of sorts.

The concept of “no separation” has many implications however it is pertinent to this post for it is the basis for the mirror analogy.  Truly learning and knowing this truth is a life changing understanding because it is an essential tool for shaping your reality.  If your life is not currently what you want it to be, look within at your belief systems and daily emotional state of being, because that is where you will find the solution.   How do you feel about yourself?  How do you feel about the world around you?  How can you adjust certain patterns of thought or repetitive thinking that sabotage your experiences?  Practice methods of centering yourself and finding peace within so that your daily interactions reflect that inner calm.  If you are in a constant state of fear and confusion, your life reflects that.

Keep in mind also, that our reality is operating on the basis of physics on a fundamental level, so there is no judgement.   So very simply, what you put out is what you get back.  Period. As such, this shouldn’t be an exercise in self-judgement, when you see chaos in your world. Rather, look at it as an opportunity.  Practice observing the chaos from an objective perspective – the observer mode – and identify what is happening within to create these less desirable aspects of your life. Ask yourself, “What is this situation teaching me about my current beliefs?”  Once you recognize the idea or belief system within you that is the root of the disharmony, it goes back to asking yourself if these beliefs serve you anymore, and if not, release them.  It’s vital as well that you replace the old ideas with new ones that DO support you and your life.  And regularly foster this new idea of yourself until it becomes a part of you.

I can promise you from someone who has made this a daily practice, that it will change your life. DO NOT wait for anything outside of you to tell you who you are.  You decide this. And then you live this truth.  And your reality has no choice but to “smile” back.

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