There is a profound difference between experiencing versus receiving joy.  I use the word joy instead of happiness because the word “happy” has an emotional weight or baggage that is attributed to it, and it feels like it’s time to use a different adjective for that state of being.

Some events in my life were so powerful, that I believe that I was able to actually receive joy in those moments.  However, those were few and far between.  The truth is that we are meant to receive joy on a regular and daily basis.  What keeps us receiving this state of being, is all the emotions rooted in fear rather than love, such as lack, jealousy, anger, confusion, and victimhood.  And the primary reason we experience all of the “fear-based” emotions is all of the belief systems we have acquired along the way prevent us from connecting with our true state of being.  Which is love.  In fact, all of the emotions that are love-based, such as joy, passion, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness are actually the same energy as the fear-based feelings.   The difference is that the love-based emotions are filtered through your personality structure and all of the belief systems you have acquired and distorted into some aspect of fear.

So what does that tell you?  Well, it has been my experience, that as you recognize, heal and release all of the beliefs you have that no longer support you in receiving joy, you are proactively removing these filters.  This allows you to feel and receive the pure love that is coming from your soul.  Receiving joy is a whole body experience.  For me, it is a vibration of pure peace and love that emanates from my heart and permeates my entire body.  Experiencing joy is more of a flat one-dimensional feeling that dissipates quickly.  It’s totally different than truly receiving that emotion.  When we have left our physical bodies, love and all of its aspects is our permanent state of being and we must work hard to feel anything related to fear.  But in our bodies, although we must clear our belief systems that prevent us from experiencing the “love” vibration, we are able to receive joy.  And this feeling is unique to the human experience and different for each individual.  This is one of the reasons that it so exciting to be a human being.  Receiving joy is one of the gifts we benefit from as everyone receives joy differently according to their unique personality structure.  However, you MUST start to dismantle the ideas and belief structures that prevent you from receiving joy.  This process takes time and intention, but I can tell you that the rewards are well-worth it.

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